Teach English in Wuqiang Zhen - Shangqiu Shi

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I have gained many insights about teaching the english language during my coursework. The various chapters of information about teaching skills and language awareness are highly valuable to me since I am a beginner with regard to teaching. I found the information well organized and a valuable resource for me to refer back to when teaching. I have strengthened my english language knowledge during this coursework. I have also learned many good pointers which I intend to reflect upon when I will be teaching. The information within the course has provided me with a good beginning level structure for teaching english. The information has also aided me in dissecting the english language into the relevant parts that students need if english is being learned as a second language. What I most value from my coursework were the ?Teaching new language vocabulary, grammar and functions? chapter and the ?Lesson Planning? chapter. These chapters are the foundation upon which I will prepare myself to teach beginner level students english. The ESA structure is a useful, clear foundation upon which I can build each lesson plan. With regard to how I plan to put what I have learned into action, I have already been active in using the lesson plan sheet and the ESA method with a group of first graders in a real classroom setting. The lesson plan and the ESA structure have been a wonderful aids to me in my preparation for the class, tools and visuals to be used, subject matter to be taught and the activities surrounding the material. In addition, the ESA method and the lesson plan sheet help me to be very organized and to be specific regarding how much time I have to cover all the material during one half hour class session. In the future, I hope to expand upon my knowledge and depth of teaching english and be able to teach low/pre intermediate students english.