Teach English in Yanji Zhen - Shangqiu Shi

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There are many good reasons for teachers to develop a working relationship with their students. In addition to improving classroom behavior, rapport can help students learn and help teachers teach. When a student feels a common bond or likeness to his teacher he is more motivated and positive about the learning process. This can result in the time spent learning being more effective. When the teacher and students feel they have similar personalities it can facilitate frankness, affect perceived quality of the education, develop and maintain cooperation and motivation, and make students more comfortable in the classroom. While rapport does not directly result in learning, it improves conditions conducive to learning. Building rapport with students can take some effort and should be something the teacher keeps in mind from day one. In order to begin establishing rapport the teachers and students need to respect one another. In addition, a teacher should make herself available to students inside and outside of the classroom; she should also be approachable. To continue building a working relationship with students the teacher needs to be honest with students. It is important not to sugar coat deficiencies, but she should make sure the students know she cares and will work with them to overcome obstacles. A teacher needs to show each individual student she cares about their success. She addresses them by their preferred names, and uses classroom presence like a friendly, warm smile and expresses genuine interest in her students. A teacher will not only show that she cares, and learn about her students individually, she will share information about herself as well. She needs to be aware that sometimes situations out of the classroom and in a student?s personal life can affect their behavior and ability to learn. One of the best ways to build rapport is to find common interests and a sense of humor is a very useful tool. It may also be helpful for the teacher in to build a relationship with the parents of ESL students. One needs to open a dialogue and maintain continuous communication for a collaborative relationship. Parents should see themselves involved in the student?s progress. While it may be culturally unexpected or undesirable for parents to be involved, students with parents who are actively supportive are often more successful because of it. Parents and teachers who share accountability are more engaged and encouraged to operate collaboratively. Sometimes it may seem unrealistic to include parents when they do not speak english. Simply expanding literacy by reading to children and then engaging them is a helpful step. Parents would be encouraged to read and then ask children about it; what do they think will happen next, what should the character have done instead etc. Parents will be modeling complex language, engaging the children in expanding literacy in general ,and developing communicative skills. While young learners may seem to need more coddling and attention, it is important not to forget that adult students also benefit from a mutually open relationship with their teacher. In any learning environment a teacher should be aware that the learning process works best in a cooperative and honest environment. This online training program was the best approach for me. I needed a flexible schedule, but liked that with the online program I could have a 1-1 tutor. It was important to me to have a thorough review of grammar. I am able to learn much through experience including better classroom management and improving my planning skills. Luckily I have opportunities for experience through volunteering and helping at school districts. I will be able to observe experienced teachers, ask for advice and gain experienced under direction. I was glad that in addition to grammar, I received instruction in classroom management, classroom presence, and