Teach English in ZhAngji Zhen - Shangqiu Shi

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Although being a native english speak we sometimes forget the complexities of our language. Sentence structure is something we gain through everyday interaction as a child and is not necessarily taught. The module has helped me gain a greater understanding of how to teach structure. The course has also help me to perfect my way of interacting with groups of internationals. Being a SCUBA diving instructor has meant that I have had to teach varying ages and nationalities at the same time therefore have become accustomed to teaching foreign student but the course has helped me perfect that technique. I have recently moved to ho chi minh city, Vietnam and as mentioned earlier I was a SCUBA diving instructor therefore I naturally felt this was the next step in my career of teaching. I plan on staying in ho chi minh for a year and then see where my career takes me from there. Overall I feel the course was extremely thorough and well structure to meet the needs of someone who has never taught before. Ultimately you need student interaction to perfect techniques that were learnt therefore it is best to either visit classroom or find a teaching post yourself while studying the course.