Teach English in LiuguAngling Zhen - Shaoyang Shi

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Vocabulary is the knowledge of words and words meanings.As we all know,vocabulary play a significant role for the language.If we want to speak or write,we need to know the vocabulary first.So as an English teacher,we have to know some effective way to teach vocabulary otherwise the class is going to be so dull. Here I listed some effective ways to teach vocabulary: When it comes teaching vocabulary,there are plenty of easy options.The most funny one is playing games!No matter younger learners or adults,they both love games!Games are easy to motivate students to learn knowledge.Thr first game I am going to introduce is Brainstorm.Brainstorm is a very good game to gathering the words together and let student reviewing them.Vocabulary builds upon itself,and association with words that are already familiar to students is one of the effective mean of teaching students unfamiliar words.This game is suitable for beginner and up to beginner levers.The second game is a classical game "Pictionary".The game allows students to work in group.Teacher Split the class into 2 teams. Have one student from each team come to the board. Assign them one vocabulary word to draw. The students’ teams should try to guess what vocabulary word is being drawn.The last game I am going to mention is "Bingo".This one is all about guessing.The rule is Create a Bingo card for each student. Have them write a vocabulary word in each space. Then, read the definition of each word. Students should be able to determine what word you defined and put a counter on that square. Have students say “Bingo” when they get 5 words in a row. As an extra incentive, provide a prize for winners. It could be a free homework pass, candy, or small toy. The next effective way to teach vocabulary is usine popular songs and amazing videos like TV shows.They are very good to learn vocabulary and also good to learn the culture.The most amazing TV show I want to recommend is "Friends",And I think lots of people have already heard about that show.It is still a heat right now.It talked about six people who are friends with each other and they all live in New York city.Because of the plots so it has lots of authentic vocabulary which native English speaker really use them a lot.And talk about the songs,teacher can play the popular music in the class and let students to finish gap-fill activity.Students can learn nre vocabulary from the songs and activity. The third one I am going to mention and it's really important,that is teaching the prefixes and suffixes.Prefix is placed before the stem of a word. Adding it to the beginning of one word changes it into another word. For example, if you know the word "usual" and the prefix "un" then you must know what does the word "unusual " mean.The prefix "un" means "not" so "unusual "means "not usual".In reverse!suffix is placed the end of one word to make it change part of speech.For example "quick" is a verb but if it put suffix "ly" afte that,it becomes a adverb "quickly".So if students understand the rules clearly then they can retent lots of words easily. The last effective way I am going to mention is using authentic materials as much as possible.Authentic materials mean the materials that aren't aim for students to learn English but for native English speaker to read or listen,like newspaper,magazine or more.We can select some good passages from magazine or newspaper then give them to our students for reading.Also let them figure out the new words in the passage by using the context or group working,then after that teacher and students can read it together.This is a good way to make students to immerge into authentic materials can let students to learn the vocabulary which native English speakers use a lot. There are still lot of good ways to learn vocabulary.I believe that a good teacher also can create some good ways by themselves.