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Children’s education starts at home. The way kids perform at school is directly connected to the home environment, and to the attitude of the parents towards the learning experience. Family sets the first examples of how to behave, to get along with others, and to encourage kids in self development. Parents are the first teachers and whether they are aware of it or not, they play a key role in shaping their children’s characters. I believe that parents should be role models. They inspire kids to get involved with school activities. Teaching the alphabet, the numbers, and doing their first homework together can be very bonding and joyful ways of spending time together. Parents can show children that self-improvement trough learning new things can be later well recognised, and will prepare kids for adult life. Reading together gives children a sense of good parental support. Whether it is reading lessons or fairytales, it will improve children’s vocabulary, and encourage them to read more. In the era of video games and electronic device addictions, providing children with beautifully edited books will zoom their focus on reading and developing their sensitive imaginations. Establishing a good routine from a young age will prepare kids to be good citizens. Monitoring their time at home by correcting any abnormal behaviour right from the beginning will help kids to be more organised with time, dividing between leisure and homework. By doing so it is important to find balance between time for play and time for work. Kids spend half a day at school, and creating an overload of teaching activities at home can be discouraging and upsetting for the young pupils. Finding rest time is crucial to having a quality student life. Parents are also responsible for creating the right atmosphere and a place for learning. Creating a proper learning desk, good lighting , and bookshelves away from the television will enhance studying conditions. Parents should avoid discussing any family problems in front of the kids, and should provide pleasant and peaceful atmosphere that will give their children adequate moral support. The role of parents as first teachers should also contain giving rewards and criticism. When we recognise children’s good work by giving them even the smallest compliment we make them feel good about themselves . Through the process they learn that having a routine, being systematic, and following homework is a positive way of being a student. On the other hand, if parents observe the children are not performing well they should correct them right away before wrong habits get set in place. Giving comments for kids on how to improve their performance should take place only in a constructive way, making them understand what can be improved, rather than blaming them. Children’s education consists of following teachers, and equally following parents at home. Open-minded parents often send their kids to learn extra activities. Those activities performed under the supervision of experienced teachers can teach kids discipline, develop physical strength, and even enhance their level of creativity. By attending art class, ballet or music lessons, kids are being exposed to a different learning experience. Children meet other teachers and new students, learn how to assimilate in a new environment ,and get to know new skills that will make them feel good. Finally, for the parents, it is crucial to develop trust in their children. Kids need to understand that parents are their best friends, that they can share not only the positive but also the negative moments of their educational experience, and that they are assured that they can express their true feelings. It will help them to perform better and it will boost their confidence. Students with good support from home always have better self-esteem in their future. They will be stronger and more valuable citizens, well recognised in our society.