Teach English in Yankou Zhen - Shaoyang Shi

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Since I was a teenager, I always loved the language English and always loved to help my colleagues from school. I remember listening from some kids “I hate English” or “English is so difficult to learn”. I never understood those sentences because English had always been easy for me to deal with. So, in High School I started to help the other students from my class, I used to invite them to my place so I could share my knowledge with them, in that time I didn’t realize, but that was the beginning of my carrer as a teacher because I was teaching them, I was making them my own students. I’ve never dreamed of being a teacher, after finishing High School I didn’t know what to study for college, so I just worked. I worked in different places and got plenty of personal and professional experience. It was in one of those Jobs that I started as a hobby to help my boss’ kids to study and do their homework. After a while helping the kids, my boss started to pay me for my time teaching them that I realized I was able to do that as job, I was able to teach and earn Money doing something that it was lovely for me doing it. Teaching is one of the most gratifying professions, the feedback of your classes is almost instant, you can see in your students’ faces if they are enjoying the classes or understanding what you are talking about. During three years teaching for kids and teens in a private school I learned that this generation, the generation Z, just a few really have the wish to learn because the majority just keep asking “when or where will I use this in my life”. The kids don’t seem to be interested about learning so it’s the mission of the teacher to reinvent himself everyday to gain their attention to the subject he wants to teach. The act of teaching involves a lot of emotional an sensibility abilities. The teacher sometimes is treated by the kids as the missing parent at home or as a friend that they need to talk about something private. The teacher is the main figure inside the classroom so it’s easy to understand when kids try to imitate them or view as a model to be followed. Creating rapport with the students is a good mechanism to create a fun and safe environment to learning. If the students like the teacher as a individual person they will try to focus and pay attention to the class and to what the teacher is explaining. The school that I used to work cared too much about the grades of the students, but the real teachers know that the knowledge can’t be evaluated just by one single test of multiple choice questions. The evaluation is made on a daily basis at each single class where th teacher can pay attention to the participation of the students and how they are dealing with the new subjects.