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According to the Merriam Webster dictionary a teacher is defined as one who teaches or ones whose occupation is to instruct. A good definition however in today’s society I believe that the teacher’s role has more meaning and is not that simple. And as the years goes by it has continued to grow. Before starting my career as a teacher I highly agreed with the first definition but after spending a little over six months inside of classroom I realize how much more a teacher role can be. The role of a teacher not only fosters the growth in students academically, but also provides mentoring, role modeling and several other components. As it regards to the role of being a mentor According to an article written by the ministry of Education in Guyana a teacher should be able to give support for things students may not fully understand or need assistance with in addition, mentoring is a way a teacher can encourage their students to strive to their best, by doing so this will build on their confidence and help them to be more comfortable with new task. A teacher’s role can extend beyond the classroom setting and sometimes becomes a parent or guardian for students. For example when students are on a field trip it is the teachers duty to look after the students and ensure they are safe while the students are either learning or having a good time. Being a role model is another important role of teacher. The teacher are the first person to come into contact with the students, they are the ones who the students see on a daily basis and so they are the ones who the student will more likely choose to imitate whether their actions are negative or positive. Another role of the teacher is to create a positive class rapport and a more sociable experience inside and outside the classroom. Hence it is important for teachers to know what role is expected of them in terms of fostering a good rapport not only between students to teacher but also between student to student. There are many other roles a teacher can have such as the developer of content, which basically means the teacher research and prepare content for lesson based on the student’s academic level, the assessor who test and evaluate the students learning ability and give feedback to students about their strength and needs for improvement. In short teachers are basically the managers in and outside of their classrooms thus they should at all times be required to provide the quality directions and guidance that their students need. In Conclusion The role of a teacher is very important as it has a big impact on students attitude and behavior because whatever the teacher portray positive or negative it reflects back on the student, and this can be very good or damaging to their character, so it is important for individuals entering the career of being a educator not to take the role of a teacher very lightly at all.