Teach English in Baofeng Zhen - Shizuishan Shi

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In this unit we stress the importance of pronunciation and different methods used to teach students the phonology of sentences. Its also essential for a teacher to know the phonemic alphabet as we as the symbols as this can aid in teaching children the right pronunciation of the words. On top of that we need to understand how the sounds are formed using different parts of our mouth. This being said we should be aware which part of the mouth is used to produce the phonemic symbols. Starting off with phonology we can classify them under three different categories, the intonation, stress and rhythm. Intonation focuses on the volume and pitch in a sentence. It carries the massage in a sentence for example being able to agree or disagree with a statement. Some ways to teach intonation is by using gestures with the hand, sweeping up and down to indicate the rise and fall of the intonation. Stressing certain words within a sentence can change the way the sentence is interpreted. It bares the principal emphasis in a sentence. If there is something to pay attention to when stressing words one should be aware that there is mostly only one stress in a word and that we can only stress syllables, not vowels or consonants. One of the many ways to teach students how to stress words is by preforming the sound unnaturally and the repeating the same sound but in the correct way this time. This will give the students an idea of how to correctly stress a word. Another way could be to use the board and underlining that the word that has to be stressed. Lastly its essential for students to know how to pronounce the words correctly but using the right sounds. It would be of benefit for students to know the phonemic symbols as it will be able to help them understand how words are pronounces. It would help students put sounds together to form the words we speak in English. Lastly as a teacher its good to know how the sound are created by being able to familiarize yourself with the different articulation places within ones mouth. It will make it easier to explain to students which part of the mouth to use to create a certain sounds. One example of teaching pronunciation is by having students read and speak the words or sentence to their partners, in return the partner will write down what is being dictated. It’s a good way to have students realize how the word sounds and how its written.