Teach English in Siping Shi

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Teach English in Caijia Zhen, Siping Shi
The unit showed two videos, taught by the same teacher but employing vastly different attitudes toward the students and different ways of presenting the same material with very different results
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Teach English in Dongming Zhen, Siping Shi
in these 2 videos, it showed the important role of the teacher in student learning, in the first video, i have learnt that how important is a rapport between students and teacher, and correction method plus how to instruct the student
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Teach English in erdao Zhen, Siping Shi
In summary, this unit describes 2 videos from a TEFL class following ESA techniques by a language teacher to Thai students who are in the intermediate level
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Teach English in Fanjiatun Jingji Kaifaqu, Siping Shi
It was important to practically see how a lesson is conducted in two different ways, in the first one there is less response from the students because there is not a good engage phase part, the second one the teacher´s rapport is better, also the activate activity in the first video is not at all clear, in the second one the activate phase is enjoyed by the students, the first one the teacher does not write any responses or results for the activity on the board
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Teach English in Fanjiatun Zhen, Siping Shi
It was good to see the techniques and tools discussed in the previous lessons put into practise especially in terms of the E, S and A phrases and structuring the lesson
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Teach English in Fuxian Zhen, Siping Shi
in this video lesson give an absolute description for teaching manners and with proper understanding how to take class, how to ask the students and how to make them more active while take classes,how to go through the phages according the ESL system, how to make them more interested about lesson, correction of pronunciation and grammar, follow their psychology and responses in the class
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Teach English in Linhai Zhen, Siping Shi
this unit covers techniques in teaching theory, reading/listening ,for a purpose to help us achieve a particular goals and for entertainments which we found pleasurable using specialist skills
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