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“A learning disability is a problem that affects how a person receives and processes information. And learning disabilities are common. … Between 8% and 10% of children under age 18 in the U.S. may have some type of learning disability (WebMD, 2019).” Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, and Dyscalculia are common learning disabilities. Dyspraxia affects the student’s motor skills. Symptoms of Dyspraxia include, speech difficulties, sensitivity to light, and difficulty with eye movements (WebMD, 2019). Dyslexia negatively effects reading and writing, expression of thoughts in writing. And dyslexia affects how a person processes language, and it can make reading, writing, and conversing difficult. The pre-school child with Dyspraxia is: … late in reaching milestones e.g. rolling over, sitting, standing, walking, and speaking May not be able to run, hop, jump, or catch or kick a ball although their peers can do so Has difficulty in keeping friends; or judging how to behave in company Has little understanding of concepts such as ‘in’, ‘on’, ‘in front of’ etc Has difficulty in walking up and down stairs Poor at dressing Slow and hesitant in most actions Appears not to be able to learn anything instinctively but must be taught skills Falls over frequently Poor pencil grip Cannot do jigsaws or shape sorting games Artwork is very immature Often anxious and easily distracted - (Dyspraxia Foundation, 2019). “Dysgraphia affects a person's writing abilities, bad handwriting, spelling errors, and transferring thought to paper (WebMD, 2019).” Dyscalculia limits or prevents those affected from doing math; counting and solving basic math problems are symptoms of Dyscalculia which can take many forms and have different symptoms from person to person varying on age of the person affected. Auditory Processing Disorder affects the way the brain perceives sound. And Visual Processing Disorder affects the uptake of visual information, and thus reading (WebMD, 2019). With the recognition of learning disabilities by modern medicine, early detection and treatment of learning disorders are possible. Often these disabilities are recognized and treated around the preschool age. Treating learning disabilities is a common practice. With a diagnosis of a learning disability, students are offered free treatment, special education services at a public school. Yet, public school is not the only path of action. Private schools that specialize in treating children with learning disabilities, after-school programs designed for children with learning disabilities, and at-home tutoring and therapy services, are all options for parents of students with a learning disability (WebMD, 2019). Parenting a child with a Learning Disability is difficult. First find out as much as you can about the learning disability. Second, get a diagnosis from a doctor. Finally, love and support your child (WebMD, 2019). Following diagnosis of a learning disability, the public-school system will provide an individualized education program (IEP). This will be performed by a team of professionals who will further “evaluate to pinpoint where your child is having problems. …Special educators will then help your child build on his strengths and teach him ways to compensate for his weaknesses (WebMD, 2019).” References Dyspraxia Foundation. (2019). Dyspraxia at a glance…. Retrieved from Dispraxia Foundation: https://dyspraxiafoundation.org.uk/about-dyspraxia/dyspraxia-glance/ Teacher Certification. (2019). 9 Useful Skills for Teachers. Retrieved from teacher certification.org: http://www.teachercertification.org/a/9-useful-skills-for-teachers.html WebMD. (2019, August). Detecting Learning Disabilities. Retrieved from WebMD: https://www.webmd.com/children/guide/detecting-learning-disabilities#1-2