Teach English in JunchuAn Zhen - Suizhou Shi

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In recent years, technology has become an integral part of our daily life. Businesses, hospitals, pharmacies, banks, shopping habits, and even our social life, all rely heavily on the use of technology. The education system is certainly no exception. One of the most obvious advantages of using technology in education is easy access to information. With online resources being just a click away, students and teachers alike can now have instant access to unlimited learning and teaching resources such as websites, pod-casts, electronic books (e-books), online encyclopedias, educational videos, discussion boards, tutorials, educational games, and complete digital libraries. Technology can be effectively used to keep the students engaged during the lesson. Whether it is through an educational game or a video clip, it is much more effective to engage the students and have them interact with the material. Imagine, for example, teaching young students about animal vocabularies using an immersive digital trip to the zoo. How engaged and excited would the students be compared to the traditional method of writing the animal names on the board or simply showing their images. As the teacher can utilize pre-prepared material, this ensures that he/she does not waste his/her time writing them on the board with their back to the students. Rather than have a one-size-fits-all teaching approach, technology can make it easier for teachers to cater to each student's needs. Naturally, a balance of both collaborative and individual learning techniques should be considered by the teacher, where individual leaning tasks can be used to address the student's personal weakness and limitations. Technology can make this difficult task viable. As for individual learning, students can use word processing software in computers to improve their writing skills. Built-in dictionaries and auto-correct features that highlight spelling mistakes and grammatical errors can be a great asset for these students. Technology can also be an effective tool to use when teaching students with special needs, autism or visual impairment. New cutting-edge technology promises an exciting future in education. While currently rather expensive to be used on a large scale, 3D printing technology presents students with the ability to realize their ideas in ways not previously possible. This can unlock the creativity of students and open the door for future innovations. Virtual/Augmented Reality also provides a unique and invaluable immersive learning experience, from fun children's games to flight simulations and critical medical operations. Another great benefit of technology in the modern education system is virtual classrooms, mobile learning and long distance learning. This has greatly democratized education and made it possible for students who do not have the geographical access or financial means to pursue their education nonetheless. Finally, with technology being a ubiquitous part of the students' lives, it is extremely important to incorporate it in the educational process in order to prepare them for an increasingly digital world. In fact, when utilized properly, technology can revolutionize the modern learning and teaching process. However, care must be given to educate students, especially younger ones, on the proper ways to use technology safely. This covers both their physical health risks and e-safety. Improper posture and lighting environments for example can lead to back and neck injuries, eye strain and headaches. We must also teach the students to be aware of online bullying, predators and how to keep their personal and sensitive private data safe.