Teach English in Wanfudian Zhen - Suizhou Shi

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As a teacher, lesson planning should be among one of most important things to consider. Throughout my personal experience as a student, good teachers are always one who have came to class well prepared. It gives me great comfort, when I know the teachers have put in the effort to give the students the best education. One of the most tangible way of showing effort is by lesson planning. There is many ways lesson planning can help reduce the workload of a teacher. Especially as a new teacher, lesson plan can bring structural consistency to the class. This will help the new teachers to avoid being seem as unprofessional, when they can simply be just nervous and try to accomplish too much at the same time and making the lesson seem to lack focus. Having a lesson plan can help a teacher better prepare for the class they are about to teach and can also help them make any adjustment if anything unexpected happened. Lesson plan gives a sense of purpose to the class section, as it clearly defined the goals of the day and greatly lessen the load of the teacher. A lesson plan can also be used as a self-evaluation guide for the teachers, when teachers finish the class for the day, they can reflect on it teaching based on did they accomplished their goals and how can they improve their selves for the next class. A lesson plan will benefit the students in many ways. When a student are not accustomed to the teaching styles of a new teacher, it is always a comfort for them to know that the teacher have a lesson plan. It will be great to know what the learning goals for them are, so they can better prepare for class. By excellence preparation that result in great performance in and outside of English classroom, that will create confidence in their ability to learn a new language; this will result in increased interest and willingness to engage in English language, became an active participant inside of classroom. This will be resulted in better teacher and student relationship in and outside of classroom. The possible drawback from a lesson plan is that it can be restrictive sometimes, the teachers will have less freedom to do what ever they want. When a teacher packed a lesson plan too tight it will leave no room for student to ask question that will come up during the lesson. The best way to fix all this kind of problem is to work them in to the lesson plan leave about ten to fifteen minutes for questions and be flexible on the go. It is always the best when a teacher can have the consistency and the focus of the lesson plan, also the flexibility to change the plan based on the flow of the class. But that will only come with experience after few years of teaching. As for new teachers it is always the best to have a lesson plan that can assure the main objective can be reached on the class for the day.