Teach English in Bancheng Zhen - Suqian Shi

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As we all know, English is a universal language, thus people from all over the world are communicating through this language. Indeed, it is very important to learn this language as there are many advantages for those who can use English language very well. Many people study English for many reasons. Here, I am going to talk about ‘how English can influence a student’s future career’. Firstly, I’d like to say that knowing English is a big opportunity for a student, not only for getting a good job but also for improving his life. Here what I mean is that – because of knowing English—he himself can explore knowledge or ideas, by browsing internet; he can learn something he wants to know which are supportive for his skill,and his job. By improving himself or mastering his skill, his career will develop too. For example, from something like Google or YouTube, he can learn photography lessons, video editing, IT related lessons, which are uploaded by professionals, most of them spoken and written in English. However, if he doesn’t know English, he has to watch translated version of news, blogs or videos. If there are no translated versions, then he gets no information. What does it matter to him? The answer is: he’ll be left behind others; there always are updates in today world. If he is not up-to-date, those who update themselves will get better opportunities, better job and they will lead him. Hence, we can see that knowing English and being able to do self learning is really is an important fact. There are many ways to improve oneself for a person who knows English. Everybody just needs to make the best use of the opportunity he or she has. The second one is: when applying for a job, a graduate who knows English has more chance to be hired. Even after getting hired, he is likely to be promoted if he has other preferable skills too. Some people can’t write a good CV, an attractive cover letter, or a formal email. These are necessary for getting a job. A person who doesn’t know English, he can make mistakes in his letter, so failing to be selected. Some people don’t understand job vacancy announcement if written in English, so they don’t know what requirements it has declared so they can’t prepare. There are many difficulties for them. Here is the third one: nowadays there are international companies cooperating between one country and another, thus these companies want to employ English speakers, and English teachers. So, more job opportunities are there for those who can speak English not only in a local country but also worldwide. A student who knows English doesn’t need to be worried about not getting a job. He can get a good job either in country or in foreign. The pay is much higher if he goes and works abroad. English language is essential everywhere. The last one I want to discuss is that a student who is good at English can study higher education. He can continue his degrees if he is qualified enough. Moreover, by taking international recognized English Tests such as IELTS and TOFEL, he can go and study abroad. Then it’s sure for him to get a good paid job, or he can do his own business, he can teach English as well. He can even apply for scholarship. It requires to get a good band/score though. Anyway, a student who already has a good command of English can do self-study. He can search for opportunities; he can try to improve his life by himself. English can influence a student’s future career in many ways, as mentioned above. It helps us achieve our dream, it helps us to get more income, and it helps us to be able to travel around the world; so let’s study English.