Teach English in Buzi Zhen - Suqian Shi

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When a teacher goes into the classroom, it is vital to give the nice first impression to the students. It is also quite delicate how you do it and continue to win over the students during the teaching. When it comes to this topic, the teachers need to be confident. Then how can they be confident, keep increasing it and turn it into the teaching strengths? Teaching is all about confidence. As humans, we respond naturally to body language. Your body, face and voice send powerful, unspoken signals that others interpret subconsciously. As far as I was concerned, espesially the young children are innately craving a sense of order and authority to help them learn. The best way to teach children to speak a new language is to fully engage them. Speak with them, make eye contact, use body language. These are the natural ways that people respond to these communication signals and create their own ways to absorb the messages. Confidence is usually gained in a gradually way, from day after day of hard working with students and learning from experience. You may be armed yourself with loads of activities, ideas that you think the kids will love them when you come into the classroom. But sometimes they don't turn out the way we expected. The basic rule of getting what you want is to stick to the lesson plan, let the lesson plan be your road map. In this way, you will know what you will do, what you can do with the students, and you also will know how to improvise the unexpected situation the kids created and keep going with the class. A well-planned lesson plan gives you a script to follow, so that you can practice before you start and visualize how your class is going to be. like the reporter, before the show, they will constantly practice until they find the best way for them to perform. And you can also get it done just like that. Confidence is something that cannot be faked, but it is something that can be built. Aside from the strategies we are talking above, It requires many aspects to build it. During the reaching, a teacher should not be afraid to the student and parent feedback. It will be useful regardless of the type of feedback you receive. It is essential that you transfer the feedback into the components of your confident. Any feedback means a lot that the student and parent care about the learning and the teacher. Like the suggestions your manager or peer give to you, just embrace them and turn them into the foundation of your confident in the classroom. Bearing in mind that only the people who care about you will give you the sincere advices. And focusing on the strengths you have already had, make the most of them in the class and any opportunities that you can get, like plenty of smaller type duties that anyone should be able to handle. These opportunities build confidence because it forces you to step outside your comfort zone and gives you a chance to be successful. And last but not least, to remember God help those who help themselves. Only if you have excellent teaching abilities and keep constantly learning. You are readying for co-workers and students and parents proof-test all time. To give yourself time, you will find and have the confidence you need in the classroom.