Teach English in Linhuai Zhen - Suqian Shi

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Cultural sensitivity is an often repeated phrase in education these days. However, many may not realize how significant a point it is unless they teach in a culturally diverse classroom. Cultural sensitivity requires awareness of the things in other cultures that are like yours and also recognizing the differences without placing one culture above the other. It is only through implementing cultural sensitivity in the classroom that teachers can effectively reach their students and help them learn to the fullest effect. Those of us who teach in international schools try to live out cultural sensitivity each day. The initial teacher orientation training includes sessions covering how many cultures view education and the effect that will have on students from those cultures. Is a teacher revered and unapproachable, or is a teacher seen as someone who the student may question? If the teacher is inaccessible, students will not be comfortable stating they do not understand something. Some cultures teach that to tell a teacher you do not understand something is to offend the teacher and imply they did not prepare a thorough lesson. A wrinkled nose, tugging an ear, or any number of items may be a clue given to the teacher that help is needed. Does the culture's perspective on education drive students to strive to overachieve and become self-critical, or is cheating viewed as an acceptable means of helping your fellow students achieve at the same level? Each of these aspects will impact how a student does in a class setting. The teacher's recognition and positive response to these nuances can dramatically change a student's interaction. In addition to the students' preconceived ideas about education, the educator must break free from their cultural background and incorporate a variety of topics and materials in the lessons. Teachers may also try to move the students to become culturally sensitive if the students have a limited view of other cultures. With over 190 countries in the world, a teacher should be able to provide a reasonable selection of culturally relevant content. The instructor may also choose to create materials uniquely suited to their students, whether they are mono-cultural or multi-cultural classes. By purposely crafting the materials and subject matter used in the classroom, a teacher can build a growing rapport with students and create a dynamic classroom. Furthermore, a teacher must be willing to be culturally sensitive in the way they relate to the class. Examples from the ITTT videos are excellent demonstrations of this point. In one lesson, the instructor was barefoot, but all the students were barefoot or wearing socks. In another demonstration class, the instructor was able to joke about the pronunciation of certain words in that country. The teacher must gain a working knowledge of the social norms and social hierarchy of the culture or cultures represented in the classroom. A teacher who is committed to this process will be able to understand better and help the students overcome obstacles they may encounter. In conclusion, effective teachers will demonstrate cultural sensitivity in a variety of ways, developing strong classroom relationships that can encourage their students to learn at their highest potential. Instructors may choose myriad strategies to facilitate this, including the use of diverse materials and topics. The teacher will also work to ensure that students are not inadvertently insulted on a cultural level. The goal of achieving a culturally sensitive classroom is worth the work and will help students learn at a greater depth, and it can make the lessons engaging and enjoyable.