Teach English in Liuji Zhen - Suqian Shi

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The quality of the teacher determines the students’ success in the language learning process. Great personality traits are necessary for building a close relationship between the students and the teacher. The following qualities are important to ensure the effectiveness of an English teacher: 1. Lively and entertaining: An enthusiastic teacher with a lively voice is likely to arouse students’ interests in the day’s topic unlike a tired or slow teacher with a low voice who will make the classroom dull and consequently bore the students. A teacher should have ways of introducing new aspects or concepts that will encourage students’ participation. Coming up with interesting ideas to get all students involved can make a lesson enjoyable. The energy brought by the teacher to the classroom is likely to be absorbed by the students, so an entertaining teacher will transfer the energy to the students making teaching and learning interesting. 2. Ability to build rapport: An English teacher should try to create a comfortable atmosphere in the classroom by showing interests in students. Calling students by their names and involving everyone during class activities or discussions creates a safe environment for them. Having a sense of belonging makes students relaxed and they feel motivated hence ensuring success in their leaning process. Students are likely to perform better because of the support shown by the teacher. 3. Kindness and patience: Teaching a new language requires patience in a teacher. A teacher deals with different levels of language ability. Students have different learning abilities, some are quick to grasp and retain information quickly while some are slow. Absolute beginners (or any low level students) and weak students need a lot of patience and special attention. Lessons should be conducted at the pace at which most students are comfortable with. Another special group of students that require a lot of patience is children or young learners. Because they lack motivation, they tend to have behavioral problems which need the teacher to be patient when dealing with them. A patient English teacher can help build self-esteem of students. A kind and empathetic teacher is likely to be approachable. Sometimes students do not perform because of social issues so if a teacher shows they care about them, they will feel safe around them and perform well in class. 4. Ability to motivate learners: Having high expectations and setting goals for students can motivate them to do strive to do better. Motivation can be done through praise, commending good work and focusing on what the students can do. Establishing the love for learning is also a way of motivating students. An English teacher can also try to establish the motivation behind the students learning English and come up with ways of helping them achieve that goal. 5. Passionate about teaching: An English teacher who is passionate about teaching is most likely to be effective in teaching. When a teacher has love for bettering the lives of students and sharing knowledge, the students will be inspired to learn more and do better. Establishing passion for learning shouldn’t only be geared towards learning English only but learning in general because a good teacher cares more about the welfare and learning of the students than their teaching career. With the above 5 personal qualities, an English teacher will be effective and efficient in their career.