Teach English in SAngxu Zhen - Suqian Shi

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The focus I have in every one of my classes is to instill a deep understanding of discipline. If students lack discipline, they will lack the number one tool to help the reach any level of success. When incorporating discipline in my classroom I do it in four steps. Step one is to lead by example. Step two is to have a purpose for them. Step three is to give my students goals, both short-term and long-term. Finally, I share with them the Six Ps. Through these steps the students will learn how to have discipline in my classroom because without it, chaos ensues or many bad habits are created. If the students have a clear understanding of my expectations of the discipline I require, the success result can be limitless. When I am introduced to my students for the first time, I want them to see a man that has a high level of self-discipline. I cannot demand discipline form my students, but I sure can show them. It is up to the individual, but it is much easier to have this valuable trait. I share with my students that the first thing I do when I wake up is to make my bed. This is the first task that everyone should accomplish as it starts the day off with cleanliness. This simple task gives the student a sense of accomplishment within the first few minutes of their day. Again, I lead by example. As a teacher I always arrive to class early and have everything set up for them. Students want to learn from teachers that can influence them positively. The purpose I help them understand is the “why” question they need to ask themselves. Every student should create a purpose for learning. This purpose is the foundation of everything else as my purpose is to educate my students to the best of my ability. Their purpose can be a wide-variety of things from attending a University in another country, or simply learning the English language so they can advance in their company. Everyone must have a purpose because if there is no purpose, it is hard to be disciplined to achieve anything. In order to attain the main purpose each student has, there needs to be goal setting. Goal setting is another valuable tool that requires discipline. If the individual is not disciplined to accomplish both short-term and long-term goals, the main purpose cannot be attained. Short-term goals are the small steps each student needs to take in order to achieve desired long-term goals. Both of these will results in each student’s main purpose. Through these three elements discipline is required, as the road to success takes focused work. Therefore; discipline is the blue-print to success. One may ask how this blue-print of success can be attained, so another element is to educate my students on the 6 Ps to success. This is simply defined as proper, prior, preparation, prevents poor performance. I do not simply teach this, but I also live by this and again it goes back to my first step. The 6 Ps should be self-explanatory as a student must prepare properly before any assignment, test, or exercise that will be given to them, not just in the classroom, but in life as well. These four steps are simple steps that any student can follow in order to be disciplined throughout any school semester, or any other area in life. As teachers we are held to a high standard and must be disciplined ourselves. For example; we do not want to go to an obese nutritionist if we want to learn how to live a healthy life style. Students do not want to learn from teachers that do not show they hold themselves to a higher standard and are not disciplined in the classroom.