Teach English in Shiling Zhen - Suqian Shi

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I am choosing this topic to write about because this will be the first step I am going to take in my TEFL career after receiving my certificate. In this essay I am wanting to highlight three main points, which are. -Using cultural differences to encourage English learning. -How a 1 on 1 online classroom setting is beneficial for the student. -What I can learn from teaching online. Since a lot of TEFL jobs happen in a foreign country it can be difficult to show cultural differences since the student is still mostly surrounded by their own culture. So when using props in teaching you will likely be using something they see regularly, but if for example a student is curious in American snacks, or brands of cereal you would be able to meet their needs and curiosity by having these items available to you. Which may not be possible when teaching in their home country. This can help keep the child's attention with learning because it's more interesting to see an item and see a person interacting with it as opposed to just looking up a picture. This can also allow the student to act as a teacher as well, which is fun for young children. They can go and pick their favorite flowers or plants and show them to the teacher and learn what they are called in English. A lot of the advantages of 1 on 1 teaching can still be applied while teaching online, though there are some other perks to it being online. Firstly, they can learn while being at home in a comfortable environment. They would also be able to receive encouragement if their parents are around and potentially included them as well. A good example of this would be if we had a lesson on flowers and they learn the name of a real pretty flower they like, they can show it to a parent and then teach the parent how it's spoken in English. This can help motivate them to learn more as for a moment they are getting to teach their parents something. The student can also pre-select what they are wanting to learn about. This will aid the teacher as they will be able to better prepare a lesson specifically tailored for what they are wanting to learn, increasing their desire and intake from a lesson. Another strong bonus to online teaching for the student is the ability to go back and watch previous lessons. What I hope to gain from teaching online is at least a solid base to teaching English as a foreign language without having to jump straight into a classroom setting. I will be able to work and refine my skills to some extent and be more prepared before traveling to a new country to pursue teaching. It will also give me time to continue to study and learn so that when I decide the time is right I will be able to be the best that I can for a new teacher.