Teach English in Tongyang Zhen - Suqian Shi

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All of us – adults and kids deal with stress. To some degree, we can all relate to the feeling of feeling uncomfortable and out of place, especially when we are trying something new and experimenting with a new task outside of our comfort zone. When teaching English to students as a second language, the expectancy of stress and the feeling of not being too comfortable is to be expected. In most cases, the English language will differ extremely to the student's native language and in many scenarios, the teacher teaching English will be very different than what they've been used to their whole lives. This can cause a student to feel stressed and it is important to know how one should handle and help the student overcome stress. As a teacher, you have the power to set the tone for learning English and influence you, students, in a way where they feel comfortable with asking questions and working hard. For a student to ask a question in front of the class can sometimes be stressful as the student might be afraid of thinking he is the only one who does not understand. This is where the teacher can speak up and let each student know that we learn by asking questions and making mistakes, therefore addressing the amount of stress that goes with asking a question immediately. Sometimes, it is also good to break the ice and make them feel comfortable by playing games while learning. Games that they are already familiar with such as, hangman, etc. They will be much more relaxed when everyone is involved in a fun, playful manner. Students are known to be stressed out over bad marks on a test or an exam. As a teacher, it is crucial to have the students understand that mistakes on a test or exam are not definite and the purpose of a test is to show you what chapter of your book needs more attention. It is important to have the students understand that everyone learns at a different pace and with hard work, perseverance and the right attitude anyone can speak English fluently. For a teacher to take the pressure off of a single test score and focus on effort takes a tremendous amount of stress off of a student if he/ she understands that all that a bad test score means is that he/ she needs to put in a little bit more effort. It is also important to talk to the students about stress. Let them know that if they feel a certain way about a topic or if they have a problem that you as the teacher are there to listen to their concerns. If you know why they are stressed if is easier to help the students and build a relationship. For taking on the role of a teacher, you obviously adore students and you have a passion for teaching. With that said, smile, be friendly and remember to teach without demanding the right answers all the time and have your focus be on improvement and making sure no extra stress is being put on the students for ultimately have a successful stress free lesson!