Teach English in Weiying Zhen - Suqian Shi

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For many people, speaking English at work can be something new and challenging that has not always been required. Often the need for Business English evolves with a company’s expansion abroad or if international cooperations emerge. Next to that, career advancement can require knowledge of Business English as more advanced roles might include contact and cooperation in English language with colleagues from different countries. In such cases a Business English course can be helpful for one’s career and daily work life. The following presents four more reasons why Business English can be of relevance for one’s career. Firstly, building rapport. When working in an international environment, speaking Business English is likely to help one establish rapport amongst colleagues, managers or one’s own team. If English is the predominant language one can express oneself in, it determines to a substantial degree which impression one makes on his/her co-workers, managers or even employees. As is known, the first impression is key, hence knowledge of Business English helps to leave a professional impression on others, as well as to be perceived as knowledgeable and capable. Secondly, trust and credibility. Speaking Business English can increase the level of trust and credibility between co-workers. Internally, managers or co-workers are more likely to trust an employee to fulfill more complex or demanding tasks, if one knows how to articulate oneself well and professionally. Next to that, if one works with external clients, one needs to convince the client of one’s credibility in order to be chosen to cooperate with and seal the deal. Similarly, if working with international patients, a doctor needs to establish trust in a medical consultation. In that case, Business English can help a doctor leave a positive and professional impression on a patient. Therefore, knowing how to give a professional presentation, elevator pitch, or how to host a medical consultation in English is key in such situations. The third reason to point out is avoiding misunderstandings. In an international work environment, effective communication is key. However, lack of English vocabulary or language skills can cause misunderstandings and confusion, especially when working in an international environment with different cultures. Every culture has a different way of communication and expression. An expression that is acceptable in one culture can be seen as unprofessional or rude in another culture. Learning Business English can prevent misunderstandings as one learns to communicate, present, negotiate or email in a way that is commonly understood and acceptable worldwide. Reason number four is simplicity. Business English can make everyone’s life at work easier. Knowing how to communicate precisely and to the point, saves time for the sender as well as the receiver. Next to that, it’s common that companies use a specific jargon or internal abbreviations. Being familiar with that is key in order to comprehend shared information fast and to communicate effectively. To sum up, there are plenty of benefits to taking a Business English course, even if one speaks English well already. It is worth going the extra mile as it will be rewarded in one way or another and will simplify ones daily work life.