Teach English in Wuji Zhen - Suqian Shi

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A classroom is a place learners interact with each other and obtain new information through process of learning. Many factors come into place when learning is happening,but stress might be the most challenging factor. One of the most effective ways to overcome stressful situations in the classroom is getting to know your students and predict the source of the problem. Nowadays students have to cope with many obstacles related with school or not. Although there are many factors in this case the solution might be easier than the expected. Most students want to be heard and understood, especially for teens who go through puberty, teachers should spend more time with their students and at least try to obtain information about them. Teachers must remember they are the "adult" in the room, no matter the age of the students. Therefore teachers must not take sides, must remain out of the drama and be direct and truthful. When a stressful situation occurs, depending on the situations, teachers might need to take the source of the problem into a safe environment,leading to easier and understandable solutions. If a teacher finds herself /himself in a situation that he /she can't get out of, he/she must remain calm and act as the power to determine. Knowing the personality traits of the students might help the teacher to find the solution and keep the authority a lot easier in the classroom. Shouting, being a witch with a broom is one of the most common mistake that teacher are doing. Because it is just helping you to control the situations for some minutes and practically it is not solution to anything and students are not learning anything from their bad or wrong attitudes, plus teacher looks like a monster in the eyes of the students. Actually teacher should know where, when and how to behave against situations in a bitter-sweet way. If the teacher shouts everytime for anything, he/she just lose the control of the class, students do not respect to him/her. Teachers should keep the balance. Setting attainable goals for the students and achieving them at the end of the given time should reduce the stress and prepare two sides for the results. They can also use these goals as a way of challenging themselves and also awarding themselves for a good job and increasing their self-esteem. Students are able to create stressful situations without realizing what they are doing. They could make things easier or harder for the teacher without realizing for this reason teachers must be prepared for many of the occasions that students might create. A fun attitude and emphasis on the teaching would have positive impacts on the students and decrease stressful situations also when the students realize the sincerity and honesty of the teacher, they would have a respectful and positive attitude towards the lesson and the teacher therefore be more engaged to the lesson. Every classroom might have stressful situations but how they are dealt with is the key for the teachers if not for the students. Teachers should be the "role model" to their students in every aspects and inspire them for whatever they are trying to achieve for. After all there wouldn't be any teachers if there weren't learners.