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In resent years, the use of English has become wider and wider, making English learning become more and more important. It is common for foreign language learners to feel difficult, who also will meet huge amounts of problems when they learning English. One of the major problems they meet is the difference between education systems, especially in non-English-speaking countries. China, for example, as a nation with the largest population and the richest history, has numerous English learners who are also facing the same issue. One of the problems for Chinese learners is the language environment they are within. China is a non-English speaking country, their native language is Chinese, that means more than nineteen percent of Chinese don’t speak English. For English learners in China, they do not have much chance to speak English in their daily lives, unlike other countries which use English as their first language. Chinese English learners can’t speaking English with peoples around them, it decreases the frequency of English used. In America everyone speak English so English learners can always use their English skill to communicate with the others as one of the main way for practice their English but in China the situation is totally different. The only chance for most of the Chinese English learners to communicate with each other in English is when they have English classes together, while they have to practice English on their own for the rest of time, thus it makes English-learning harder for Chinese English learners. About normal daily life time, everything that Chinese English learners view and listening is in Chinese, it is helpless for learning English, it including advertisements they watch on television, books they read from internet and book shop, there are nothing about English, it is not suitable for Chinese English learners collecting new English sources and learn something new. As we all know, Chinese history and culture are world-renowned, China have the longest history. Chinese are proud of their language, because of this national pride,China doesn’t pay much attention to English. It can be seen from the Chinese perception of English, most Chinese people choose to work in the country after graduation, except for some specific fields which English must be learned. For the majority of English students, English has always been considered only as a test, since most Chinese staff do not need to be proficient in English to work. For English learners in China, learning English may be just for travel or other unimportant things, this will affect their motivation to learn English, but in the other English-speaking countries, English is a very important skill that everyone should master, for them English is a part of their daily life, they cannot live without English, it’s totally different than China. Chinese English scholars lack effective motivation to promote their persistence in learning English. English is not a necessary skill for Chinese people so they always neglect English, learning English in some area is not understood, based on those issues English learning is hard in China. China have their own education system, it does include English learning part but in fact there are several problems about its English learning part. Students are not taught the importance of learning English. Compared to learning Chinese, learning English is more like dealing with test scores, which has caused English to become a disliked but compulsory subject in students’ mind. There are also some problems in how English is taught in Chinese schools. Teachers pay more attention to the practice of reading and writing and various exercises and ignore the practice of listening and speaking, which seriously affects the overall development of students in English. And they often overlook the teaching of basics, including phonetic transcription and grammar. This leads to hindered students' English reading and writing. Phonetic transcription can help English learners know the accurate pronunciation of a word and also allow them to work out how to pronounce a new word, grammar can help students read English articles and improve their writing skills, both of them are very important for English learning. Because of these problems, the English learning of Chinese English scholars has become more difficult. Overall, due to these problems from those different ways which are language environment part, cultural factors, historical pride and education loophole of basic English skill learning part, English learning is considerably difficult for Chinese learners. For solving these problems the government and Department of Education need to pay more attention to English teaching to make a better English-learning environment.