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Many know how to manage this issue, but others are still looking for the best way to do it. In this summative task I offer some clues about the relationship that the teacher can build with his students and to promote valuable learning for life. I think that these fast and multitasking times are required for children to learn a lot and as soon as possible. If the relationship that the teacher builds with his students is based on the threat, on the reward-punishment, on the pressure, a climate of fear and stress is generated in the classroom in which children feel at risk, frightened , insecure and where learning is far from significant or enduring. In such a place, it is difficult for a child to unfold, be creative, take on new challenges ... and consequently, learning becomes an ungrateful and uncomfortable task. However, if the teacher is able to create a relationship of respect and trust, in which emotions have a place, they are accompanied, and in which the child feels valued and taken into account, the learning will relate to Joy and security. For example: be available to them, physically and emotionally present, talk to them by looking them in the eye, putting ourselves at their height, favoring moments of close and warm encounter; a special greeting when they arrive, a look while they are having breakfast, a smile before they leave ... Let's look for a way to convey: "I see you, you are important to me.", maintaining an attitude of confidence in their possibilities, something that will reinforce their internal motivation as an impulse for learning, offering them time and space; Respecting his rhythm. An education that accompanies the child. It is not an easy task because it requires reviewing and renewing what we have been doing and looking for new possibilities not only for the learning of children, but to create more friendly and enjoyable classrooms also for ourselves. Something that is always clear and generally accepted, is that a good teacher has among his qualities having gained confidence in his students. This confidence helps to achieve a climate that makes learning easier. As Dr. Todd Whittaker (primary school teacher) argues in his book "50 Ways to Improve Student Behavior: Simple Solutions to Complex Challenges", if you want a student to believe in himself, you have to make him see that you believe in him. There are, therefore, many ways to build trust in students, and it is something we should not give up. Learning like this will be of higher quality and the classroom environment much more prone to teaching. A teacher is responsible for the development of a whole group of students. Teaching is not just about the dissemination of academic knowledge, since teachers must also absorb in their daily lives what their students think and guide them on the right path. However, if you have patience, respect for learning, empathy and desire to help others, teaching can certainly become a very rewarding career, full of opportunities for personal and professional development. I must thank the ITTT team for giving me these valuable materials, which will help me throughout my profession in terms of teaching in English language, I carry a file with all your printed and digital materials for consultations and debates with the Training Center staff of Languages I belong.