Teach English in Zhongxing Zhen - Suqian Shi

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How to teach EFL in Kindergarten Teaching kindergarten is totally different from teaching adult, the young leaners don't respond well to teachers as adult. It seems like there are too many issues, they are easy to get bored, they are out of control sometimes, how to teach young kids? Here are some suggestions: 1. Build and Stick to the Routines If there is one I cannot stress enough in a kindergarten environment, it is routines. Routines are essential to young learners and it can be the most effective way of helping them engage in lessons, as well as class management. It will be very helpful to have routines in places they will basically work for your class for you. For example , morning song, lesson time, bathroom break, playtime, art and craft time, lunch. As well as a routine for lesson plan, like Warm up, elicit vocabulary, practice, activity, checking. This will help to keep their attention, and keep the class smooth. 2. Classroom management Working as a teacher in kindergarten, it is a big challenge to manage the kids and make them listen to you. I think it will help to make a classroom rules, have a name for the class, it can be funny animal, and the whole class work together including the teacher and the children to make the rules for the class, like what things we can do, what things should not be done, and what is good, what will make others sad. This will make them to have a impression on the rules. To make the rules work, you can make a litter punishment after someone did obey the rule, and praise them immediately when they did something good, the other kids will learn from it. 3. Try to make the teaching interesting When you are teaching in the kindergarten, that means you will face the kids not older than seven years old. It is hard for them to just sitting down in the whole lesson, so you need have more teaching activities to make them not bored. You can sitting down for about 5 minutes, and then do a activity. And you can have your own idea to make them pay attention, like call and response, or gestures, use them when you found some kids lose their attention. Another idea, teaching kindergarten is not just happens in the real lesson, it also can happen in play time, they can learn through play ,you can set different activities in the classroom, make them engage in the class, and they can take turns to do the activities which can make them busy, and also you can observe them to make some changes if need. 4. Develop the other skills When teaching adult, the teacher will focus on the lesson and make sure cover all the materials. But it is different will young learners, we need to focus equal time on developing the children’s basic motor skills. Your kids can be as young as 3 years old, that means they are just learning how to run, jump. So it is important to develop the motor skills, it will help them to develop them to start to hold a pencil to write. And you can play games Simon says, playdough to help them to develop the motor skills.