Teach English in Zhongyang Zhen - Suqian Shi

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why are learning skills important ? Because good learning skills are help will help us easily become a good teacher, a good teacher should be kind and patient , a good teacher should really love teaching , a good teacher should be lively and entertaining , a good teacher is able to motivative learners , a good teacher has a good subject knowledge , a good teacher should have good rapport and interaction with the class , a good teacher should be able to involve all student equally throughout the lesson , a good teacher should be able to correct students without offending them or affecting their motivation , a good teacher should know student s' weaknesses and try to give help and individual attention where necessary . so in order to do these things we need to practice and learn every day A good teacher needs to have qualities such as caring about teaching, having a passion for learning, and having professional knowledge of their fields of teaching. Firstly, the methods most commonly used by good teachers include how to properly manage a class, how to effectively engage students in learning, how to make the activities more meaningful, and how to prepare the suitable materials and methods to match the class you are going to teach. In terms of the sequence of lessons, the teacher should be flexible, and the methods the teacher applies in the class should vary and should be practical to help the teacher and the students reach their goals. The methods by which you correct students are also very important. If the correction is applied in an appropriate manner, it will help the students to overcome their anxiety or other negative problems they may have. The more correct methods you utilize, the more effective your teaching techniques will be. Secondly, the gesture, the tone, and eye contact of the teacher are important to build a positive rapport with the students. A good teacher shows the correct gesture, tone, and eye contact. In return, the students will be more likely to contribute and take part in the lesson and will be more attentive to attract students to pay attention to the lesson. And also, a good teacher knows how to adapt the complexity of tone and gesture, so that every individual of the class or the groups will feel more confident and equal. There is another gesture that is as important as the others which are to not forget to smile. Creating a relaxing atmosphere plays an important part in determining whether the class is successful and productive. Lastly, the way in which the teacher responds to problems is important because it affects the student's view of the teacher. It is inevitable that there may be different kinds of problems while teaching adults or younger students. The corrective actions that the teacher uses, when necessary, are very important to help prevent the situation from getting worse and maintaining the class discipline. At the same time, keeping the class in a good environment and ensuring that the lesson proceeds effectively and successfully.