Teach English in Zhentong Zhen - Taizhou Shi

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Topic: Role of a teacher Title: The many hats of a teacher A teacher should be recognized as a superhero. There are different types of roles that teachers are expected to play in other to have a successful lesson and gain the best out of their students. These leads to them having to wear many hats and in turn carry various responsibilities. I will now further speak on these different types of roles. During a typical lesson a teacher is expected to be a manager or a controller. When a teacher takes on the role of a controller, they are effectively in charge of the class and the activity. The teacher takes on this role when a new language is being introduced and accurate reproduction and drilling techniques are needed. Teachers usually find themselves having to organize students to various activities. The success of many activities depends on good organization. This is a very important role as teachers are expected to give instructions, organize students in groups, initiate activities, bringing activities to a close and giving feedback to students. When giving feedback and corrections, teachers are known to have taken on the role of an assessor. It is very important that whilst in this role that they are fair and consistent with all the student as well as being sensitive to the students’ reaction and giving necessarily support. There are times when students become stuck for ideas, the teachers gently encourage them along. When a teacher takes on the role of a prompter, they want to help, but at the same time are careful not to take away the initiative away from the student. The participate role improves the atmosphere in the class when the teacher takes part in an activity. However, the teacher should be careful not to dominate the activity when performing it. Teacher are expected to take on the tutor role when students are working individually and need some guidance and support. This is a very sensitive role and care needs to be taken to ensure that equal attention is given to all students. It can lead to student becoming too dependent on the teacher, so teachers always need to be careful when taking on this role. Students look to teachers as an example of a professional adult. They often have more contact with their teacher, so it is important for the teacher to always reflect a positive image. The teacher is usually the only real source of English the students has ever encountered. This put a lot of pressure on the teacher, to always be perfect in all that they do and say, because there is someone looking up to them. The teacher is a kind of a walking resource center ready to offer help if needed or provide learners with whatever language they lack when performing communicative activities. Being a teacher is so much more than standing in front of a class and teaching. The best teachers are happy to go the extra mile and take on these various needed roles. They are happy to do this because they know it makes the students’ learning experience so much more beneficial.