Teach English in Taizhou Shi

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Teach English in Daduo Zhen, Taizhou Shi
For my summative task, I have chosen the topic of ‘online TEFL courses vs onsite TEFL courses’ As we becoming more technical and digitally savvy, the obvious answer to this debate is that online TEFL courses are the way of the future, but is it really? Follow me for the next few minutes as I run through my pros and cons of teaching online and onsite
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Teach English in Dalun Zhen, Taizhou Shi
I have started asking myself the question, why are games so important and why do we use them to teach English? I must admit, the thought never crossed my mind until my journey into esl teaching started
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Teach English in Dasi Zhen, Taizhou Shi
As the realm of conducting business has continued to become more connected to the world outside of the home country for many companies and corporations for some time now, the demand for specific language learning for business contexts persistently rises
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Teach English in Diduo Zhen, Taizhou Shi
Language itself throughout the history of mankind has been an ever evolving and fluid concept, and one of the ways that language has continued to grow in this day and age is through idioms, slang and phrasal verbs; with each one having their level of importance
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