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Teaching online has recently become a common way for students all around the world to learn English and other second languages. Many online platforms use an interface where the teachers and students communicate via a video chat platform, such as Skype. Online education takes many forms. For the purpose if this essay, I will discuss techniques teachers can use while using a webcam-based interface, where the teacher and student can visually see each other. Many teacher’s first impression of online education is that it is inferior a face-to-face classroom experience. This is a common misconception. Teaching online has many advantages. Online education allows students all around the world to have access to education, where they may not have before. Many online classes are one-on-one, allowing the teacher to focus their attention on the needs of the individual student. With the right techniques, online teaching classes can be just as effective as traditional classes. Many online platforms have a pen function, which allows students and teachers to circle and draw on the content. Teachers can use many guided reading techniques with this function. Students can underline as they read. Teachers can circle and call attention to key words and sentences. Teachers can also use this function with the graphic components of pre-developed online curriculum, such as images. The pen function allows teachers to use their own style with the online content. Many online curriculums have games and other great features already created as a part of the content. While many platforms offer great resources, many online teachers may not have this option. Some teachers may rely mostly, if not only, on video interface with their students to teach a class. In this case, there are still many different tools teachers can use to engage students. A white board can be a useful tool. Teachers can use boarding techniques, such as writing the language in different colors and underlining key words. Small whiteboards are especially useful when teaching a student with a webcam. Many teachers rely on the use of their white boards, even when their teaching platform provides detailed content. When students are learning to write, it is important for them to see the teacher model stroke order and proper writing technique. Teachers can use many boarding techniques, even in an online class. Flashcards are also useful when teaching online. Many kinds of flash card games that work well in the classroom can work well in an online platform. One effective flash card game is the “slow reveal,” game. To play, the teacher takes a flash card, and covers it with something, then slowly reveals it to the student. The student can tell the teacher what is on the card as soon as they figure it out. This game is great for building anticipation with students, boosting engagement. Another game that teachers can play is the “what is missing,” game. Teachers can show a few of the flashcards to their student, then have them close their eyes. Then, the teacher takes one card away. When the student opens their eyes, they have to tell the teacher which card is missing. These games can work well when teaching one-on-one, or to many students. If the teacher has more than one student, the games can be made into a race. Other techniques that work well online are drilling exercises. Drilling can be an effective way to help students acquire new sentence patterns, and practice vocabulary. This method can work in an online platform just as well as it can in a traditional classroom. Teachers can add some rhythm and TPR to the drilling to make it more engaging. Another fun way to drill is by having the students change the pitch of their voices. Teachers can have the students repeat them with a loud voice, then a really quiet voice. This can keep drilling from becoming too repetitive. TPR is another technique that teachers can use when teaching online. TPR is a great technique to use to help students remember new content, and to re-engage them. Especially with younger learners, if they have corresponding actions to their new language, it can help them feel more involved with the content. As technology develops, teachers will be given even more ways bring education to students all around the world. Now is a great time to take advantage of the online teaching opportunities. Teachers can meet all kinds of students from around the world, and try many different curriculums. Whatever platform one uses to teach, it is always important to find the techniques that work best, and use them to achieve the learning goals. Companies develop curriculum, but they cannot develop teachers. It will always be the teacher’s job to effectively teach the content, using the best techniques.