Teach English in BAya'ertuhushuo Zhen - Tongliao Shi

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The role of the teacher is the most important thing as you are the first contact of the students you are the role modal leader facilitator and most importantly the organizer. "Why is it important to be a role modal teacher." Firstly teachers have to be aware of there surroundings what type of students that there dealing with what cultures they are facing and what is expected of them. In nearly all countries and cultures teachers are well respected they are like a second parent this is why when your in class you must act in the most respectable manner your are a role modal for students alike they will look up to you, they will learn a lot from you whether that be from the way you dress the way you handle yourself in class, how you show respect to them and the way you organize your lesson. I think if you've planned your lesson properly and gained all your appropriate materials for your class then it will be fun and also you will have a great achievement in knowing that you have encouraged and enhanced the abilities of your students in class, this in fact will drive your students motivation to do better and they will understand that by being a good role modal in whatever you do then you will succeed in life. Teaching is like having to wear a lot of hats by this meaning I mean that you must be ready and flexible for any sort of problems and questions that may arise in class. You always have to think ahead when preparing task materials or equipment for your lesson to motivate your students and get the best out of them whilst in class, remember most students only have that opportunity in class to speak read write or listen to the language which is being taught. Always try to be fair with students in any level whether it be asking questions or disciplining them just make sure you don't demotivate them, try to nurture them when possible . Make sure you try to make eye contact with all your students and try to encourage all students to participate ion answering questions. Always try to give feedback to your class because students are most likely to expect feedback on how the class went and get feedback from them as well as this will help you to understand how your lesson went and if there is any issues you can rectify them for your next lesson. Feedback from the class will help you identify what has to be improved for your next lesson or were the strengths and weaknesses are in your class and also which students have which problems. In individual learning this is easier as you have one student and feedback from student is quicker and you can adjust accordingly to there strengths and weaknesses mostly immediately. Another important role of the teacher is that you must be very confident in what you are teaching be very knowledge in what you will be teaching. Finally when they are leaving try to give a gesture to them whether it be eye contact or saying see you next time or have a nice day/evening.