Teach English in Chaolutu Linchang - Tongliao Shi

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As teachers, we always try to make our class as successful as we can in order for the students in our classes can fully absorb what we teach them. To create a perfect class, we first need to prepare a nice lesson plan, which covers all the material we will teach. By having a well planned out lesson can help make the class run smoothly. In addition to the lesson plan, effective classroom management is crucial to a good class. It not only can help teachers to use their time efficiently but also create a good learning atmosphere for students. At the same time, effective classroom management can also reduce students’ bad behavior. Therefore, good classroom management is the cornerstone of teaching activities and teachers should improve their skills of classroom management if they want to have a productive class. In a classroom, students are the principal player in the process of absorbing knowledge and objectives of classroom management, we need to pay attention to each of them by using certain skills to motivate them and arouse their interests and emotions. So how can we make a classroom management more effective to let students study in a happy and relaxed state of mood? Here are some methods I have learned from previous experience in managing a classroom effectively. The first one is voice control. When we talk to students, we can change intonation, volume, rhythm and speed to get students’ attention. For example, when teacher changes from one speed of speech to another, the students’ distracted attention will refocus back onto the teacher. The second point is expression control. A rich expression can convey a lot of information; it is useful to make different expressions to express expectations, doubts, encouragements or warnings to students. Apart from expressions, gestures and body movements can also deliver a wealth of information to students. Thirdly, pause to attract their attention. Usually a sudden silence over the noise can catch students’ attention effectively, but do not pause too long; otherwise it will lead to distraction. In my experience, three seconds is the most effective duration to pause during class. The forth is changing classroom activities. The way of activities in a classroom can be “teacher to student” and “student to student”, teacher can change activities according their teaching needs. For instance, when a teacher is talking for 20 minutes, students will start to feel bored and their attention is distracted. Therefore, it’s time to change to another activity that allows the students to talk about the topic in groups. It can give students fresh excitement and stimulate their interest in participation. Another one is setting up questions for students. When students are absent-minded, we can set some proper questions to let them answer. In this way we can promote students’ attention and let them focus on what we are currently discussing. However, not any question is deserved to be asked. The questions should be carefully designed, as aimless questions will certainly have a bad effect on conducting the teaching goals. Last but not least, competition stimulus is also very important. Sometimes students’ mood is bad, and when they feel tired, their learning enthusiasm is not high. At this time, the teacher can design some competitive games such as games that involve the whole class, group competitions and individual competition. In order to win the game, students need to get out of the bad state and pay close attention to class. Undoubtedly, it is a good way to catch students’ attention. These are my opinions about how to create effective classroom management, they are certainly incomplete, and teachers should identify and apply these classroom management skills based on the actual situation in their own classrooms. Therefore, not only will this provide the students with a good language learning environment, but also stimulate their interest in learning English. Thank you!