Teach English in DaqintAlA Zhen - Tongliao Shi

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I have been thinking for some time what should I do in life. I have changed careers so many times and I have lived in so many different countries that after a while I started believing I need to settle down. Just as I was getting deeper into accomplishing this plan while working for a previous company I realized, without regret, that this was a mistake. I want to do something that will allow me to explore new countries, have fun while working, do something to help others and save money. So I got a job in China to teach English in kindergarten. I think that is a great way to start teaching considering that my only teaching experience was a few online and individual classes with my friends who were planning on going to the US for work. Teaching children is bout tiering and rewarding, it is what I have been hearing from my friends who have already been to China. Kids do have extra energy but I believe that shouldn't be a problem as long as you can channel it through interesting activities. It will be fun to teach them new words through songs, games and different activities. Due to my educational background in industrial design, I will also try to channel that extra energy through drawing so I can enhance creativity. My friends told me that I will be surprised by how fast kids pick up new words. I can't wait to start because I know first hand how important it is to start learning new languages at that stage in life. I would like to give you an example of how would I teach. Let's say that the goal of this class is to learn about fruit, I would also try to teach them colors, numbers or days in the week parallel to that. First I would try to engage with them at the beginning of the class with songs. Music has to follow the class plan so I will find a few songs where fruit would be the theme. Once I would get their attention I would pull out picture cards and ask them if they can recognize the fruit. Once they would answer that I would ask them what is the color of that fruit and how many of them are on the picture, what is the taste and if they like it or dislike it, if the fruit is big or small, hard or soft. After that, I would ask them if there are any fruits that they like, dislike. At the end of the class, they would have to draw their imaginary fruit. I would try to see if they would be able to describe the fruit themselves the same way they had to describe the fruit they already know. Although I do not have experience with teaching English I believe that drawing at the end of the class is a good idea because the children will get to keep the drawings and take them home. Their parents will ask them how was their class and they will have a chance to explain what they have learned by explaining the drawing. In a way that would be like doing homework whit out them being aware of it and the parents will be happy that their kid is learning something new and that their money is well spent. I am looking forward to this experience with great certainty that I will do well. I am really glad that I will work with children because my work environment will be filled with happiness, laughter and fun games. I will definitely use your pdf files while in China if I run into any kind of issue while teaching. It was a great experience going through units and I have learned a lot about lesson planning, methodology and managing the classroom. I will keep in mind that you can help me get a job, although I haven't gone to China yet I am already thinking about my next destination, Vietnam. Best regards, Damian