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My topic briefly touches upon the various problems faced by learners in India and some ways to eradicate them. What any educational system should teach their learners is the purpose of an education and that purpose is not to just become rich or famous or powerful, but it is to learn new things that will make us better, more capable and well-rounded human beings who can effectively give back to our community. The problems faced by Indian learners is directly correlated to the education system in India. Indian learners are mostly still being taught with the age-old ways of teaching and that must stop. Teacher training at regular intervals should be encouraged and enforced to bring teachers up to speed on the newer, more advanced and advantageous techniques of teaching learners of all age groups – from young learners to adults. Teachers play many roles in learners’ lives and therefore they must well-equipped to play these multiple roles efficiently; and that requires extensive training. The education system in India believes that it is best to spoon-feed their students with information and materials to study through their school years. This proves to be problematic for Indian learners as they progress to college and university and are unable to gather applicable and conducive information to support their topics of research, etc. on their own. They continue to expect to be spoon-fed with information, and as the process of learning becomes more difficult, they are at risk of becoming uninterested in completing their education. This causes them to fall behind in class or to drop out. Rote learning puts the learners at more risk than they can comprehend. For the education system to improve, rote learning should be eradicated from school and colleges at all levels. Conceptual learning at all levels should be given priority as it will help learners understand the concepts better, apply them and retain them in the long run. For reasons unknown, in India, studying science is considered to be more prestigious than studying subjects that fall under arts, commerce and language. Learners should be given the liberty and should be encouraged to choose from and excel at the wide range of subjects available to them that suit their interests and aptitude. Learners should not be discouraged from studying something that does not fall under the science, mathematics and engineering category. Indian students should not be kept away from technology. They should be taught the different kinds of technology that can be useful to them in their years of education and after. In this era of technological renaissance, it is impossible to separate technology and the educational system. Teachers must be trained on how to incorporate the usage of technology while teaching learners of all levels and to facilitate the learning of new technologies, even in young learners. While it is impossible to give every student individual attention in a large classroom of over 15 students. The Indian education system must understand that not all learners learn the same way, and some may need more personalized methods of teaching and the system must find suitable methods to do this so that they can get the quality of education they deserve. In the Indian education system, the results of an examination play a more important role than the quality of education imparted to students. It doesn’t matter how the students score high marks so long as they do. This is a primary cause for rote learning and drilling. Instead of final examinations at the end of the year as an evaluation of the learner’s capabilities, evaluations should be conducted intermittently by assessing class participation, assignments, communication skills, leadership skills, problem-solving skills, etc. The lack of quality and excessive research materials available to the students affects the caliber of their learning. They need the right kind of technology and facilities made available to them for them to excel at what they learn and for them learn on their terms. Libraries with these facilities should be made accessible to the students. This will encourage more research among learners. The lack of industry-related courses, the abundance of stereotypical and age-old courses, the lack of teacher training, the lack of efficient and able teachers, and the excessive pressure put on students by their parents to persistently score high marks are some (but not all) of the problems faced by learners in India. However, it does seem that the Indian government is doing all that it can to give the existing education system a more wholesome makeover.