Teach English in Donglai Zhen - Tongliao Shi

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Every lesson needs a carefully prepared plan, irrespective of teacher’s training, experience or competency. It increases self-confidence of the teacher and helps to maintain certain order of activities during the lesson keeping them according to the provided timeframe. When planning, it is recommended to prepare more activities than needed as they can be kept as a backup in case the group go through initial ones faster than planned. Moreover, when teaching several groups on different language levels, lesson plan helps to track which topics were already covered and which activities were performed during the previous lesson. It links the new knowledge with the previous knowledge acquired, ensures continuity and prevents from wandering from one topic to another and repetition. Too much of mixing and jumping from one topic to another may give the impression of unprofessionalism, introduce chaos and frustration. These may result in a low level of engagement and motivation from the students. Lesson plans should be designed in a way to accomplish goals of language course established together with students during the first meeting. It tracks the progress in specific topics and helps to identify and mitigate the risks related to popping up difficulties. At the end of the course, it helps the teacher with an evaluation if set objectives were fulfilled. Having a lesson plan increases professionalism in the eyes of the students as well as school management. It is of high value for the teacher to develop personal skills and become a better teacher in the future. Preparing, implementing but also evaluating the plan after the lesson is important factors to make corrections and improve the plan for future usage. It is also a way to save time, as well as prepares lesson plans can be used plenty of time during a teaching career. Furthermore, a continuation of the course by replacement teacher in case of sick leave or other circumstances triggering the change of teacher when the course is already in progress is much easier. From a reporting perspective, it can be presented to school management as evidence of the lesson’s quality. Nowadays, Internet resources provide endless materials and lesson plans that can be used by the teacher. However, it can’t be forgotten that these are only templates which don’t take into consideration the specifics of the student group. It can be taken as a basis, however, adjustments and fitting to students needs are necessary. Beginners teachers may also consult more experienced colleagues if drafted lesson plan is clear to follow. Using coursebooks gives and overall plan of the course. These, however, may contain certain activities that are too basic or boring for the students. A lesson plan should incorporate all the extra material that the teacher should prepare prior to the lesson. It’s helpful to open students to articles, advertisements or games that will further enhance studying experience. Using lesson plans have only advantages. It will help to achieve planned targets and either ensure the teacher that the course is going into right direction or notify that counteractions need to be taken. However, teachers should keep some level of flexibility and be able to immediately deviate from the plan in case of ad-hoc situations during the lesson.