Teach English in Eleshun Zhen - Tongliao Shi

Do you want to be TEFL or TESOL-certified and teach in Eleshun Zhen? Are you interested in teaching English in Tongliao Shi? Check out ITTT’s online and in-class courses, Become certified to Teach English as a Foreign Language and start teaching English ONLINE or abroad! ITTT offers a wide variety of Online TEFL Courses and a great number of opportunities for English Teachers and for Teachers of English as a Second Language.

Business English is a specific area of English language related to Business. Every year more people study Business English to increase their chances to find their dream job or progress in their existing career or to work in English speaking country. In business course you will learn more specific terminology and type of language used for this area and also practice how to apply it in daily work life, doing specific tasks and exercises. For example important part is how to do meetings, write a letter, to give professional opinion and also business calls. Reason to study English Business is that is a universal language in the world. Most of the students study Business English to improve their work prospects and career. Companies like to send students to study at the language schools and improve their English skills. Some employers even cover all the expenses related to it if you show that it is useful for your position or area you work at. Another reason is to be able to work abroad in English speaking country. You will dramatically increase your job opportunities with Advanced or upper Intermediate level. Depending on your job preferences if you plan to work in bar you don’t need the same level of English as if you would like to apply for office job and you will need to make a presentation for example. Most of the British courses offer BULAST exam preparation which is a certificate showing your level of English to employers. This can be really helpful in finding job in English speaking country. There are many courses available and many different qualifications and it’s just up to you to find the one which suits you. If you are wondering about the importance of English language for business, it is a question of survival and successful communication. It is a most spoken and written language worldwide. Approximately 1500million people speak the language out of which less than 400 million are native speakers. Over one billion people speak it as a second language. That’s why is so important to have a good level to communicate with many other people. English is also a main language of internet and technology. Just to put together an excel sheet, PowerPoint presentation, do a conference call or research some information or data it is essential for successful results. English is also important for culture. If you will work in English environment it is necessary to be aware of cultural differences. English is also called Lingua Franca, common language, not only for internet business but also for any kind of communication worldwide. Especially for useful understanding and sharing common experiences and references with your colleagues. With increasing popularity of English language you must know the language well to succeed on your new job, career and also social life. We could say that in the past English was a language of superior knowledge and sophistication. It looked impressive to people around you. Nowadays regardless of your background or upbringing many jobs will automatically expect you to know the language. Even if you speak another languages or live in country where the English is not so common. To be successful you need to show that you are good both in speaking and writing the language. English has become the working language of our time. It is the third largest mother tongue but most popular second language. Most of the information circulate in English. There are specific tools and goals in business English. This is why the demands in English orientated vocabulary are so important. Having this in mind for a modern day, International Corporation, is a key goal of business success.