Teach English in Fengtian Zhen - Tongliao Shi

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There many personal qualities that are important that make a great English teacher. The first concept that comes to mind is patience. With anything in life, especially that worth doing, takes a good deal of patience. One day I may be teaching students who are beginners and don't know a thing about English except that they want to learn the language I've been to a variety of foreign countries and listening to different people speak leaves me stumped because I have absolutely no clue what they're saying. I could only imagine the confusion and frustration that a student must feel when tackling a new language. If the student is feeling confused or frustrated, patience would be a great personal quality because pushing them and being impatient can makes them nervous, give them anxiety, or lower their confidence because of confusion. I feel like another great personal quality, that goes hand in hand with patience, is to be understanding. I understand the struggle of learning something new and trying to get better at it. I understand that some students may be really trying and they just happen to learn at a different pace or may be even a little behind. Understanding and being patient with students helps relax them, it builds trust and it lets them know you're there to help. Another major quality to have is to be passionate about what you're doing and how you're doing it! I cannot stress the importance of this enough! I have been in multiple classes with multiple teachers and realized the reason why I loved one and disliked another was because of their passion. When someone loves what they do it, you cannot only see it but you can feel it. I truly believe watching another person do something they enjoy is so enjoyable and beautiful to watch, even if its something as simple as teaching English. When someone loves what they are teaching, it makes me curious as to why, why do that love what they teaching so much? It makes me want to learn the subject even more. Another great personality I think would be a sense of humor. Funny people tend to make you want to listen to them, because of course, everyone loves to laugh! So people wont get bored they'll want to listen to what you have to say for a chance to laugh. A great personal quality that I hope to always present, is the willingness. The willingness to improve, or the willingness to admit you were wrong. The willingness to improve is a quality any great teacher would have because there is always more to learn, things are changing everyday and new discoveries are constantly being made. The willingness to admit you were wrong because constantly trying to prove you are right makes people lose a little bit of respect. Admit you're human, you made a mistake and then correct and improve yourself. One specific personal quality that I wasn't lucky enough to be naturally blessed with but had to learn, is organizational skills. I have always underestimated organizational skills until I was in high school ad realized I couldn't focus nor concentrate with a mess of paperwork or a mess in my mind. It took me years to properly develop my organizational skills, and to this day I still try to find ways o improve them. Being organized will help the students respect you because they will see you are clean and focused and prepared. Being organized will help keep track of students, lessons and grades. It's also help you keep track of time management.