Teach English in GAhaitu Zhen - Tongliao Shi

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Contrary to the popular belief that teachers are simply there to teach, a teacher has many roles within the classroom. The challenge is being able to balance and juggle the hats that are changing constantly. A multitude of factors can cause a teacher to take on as many as six roles within the classroom. It is important for a teacher to be able to identify which role would suit the occasion best. The most generic role and responsibility of a teacher is to be an instructor. Students come to class and expect to learn something. As an instructor, they are someone who has a certain body of knowledge. In some cases, students want to tap into the knowledge and learn as much as they can while others are there because they are obligated to. As an instructor, it is the teacher’s primary responsibility to ensure they share the knowledge they have with the class. Another role in which a teacher may be is a facilitator. Unlike the instructor role, a facilitator is there to provide a learning environment. This includes both the physical and mental environment of a student. Physically, the facilitator must ensure that the desks are spaced in a way where students will be able to conduct their learning and activities effectively. It is also important to help the students reach a good mental mindset where they are ready to absorb knowledge. A position that can be difficult at times is being a mentor. Most students are impressionable as a teacher is seen as an authority figure. There is an expectation that as a mentor, the teacher is a role model. This can be especially true for English teachers as they often teach in areas in which they are the only source of the Western world. As a mentor, the teacher is not only representing themselves but potentially their country. Setting a good example can help students feel more comfortable and more accepting of a different culture or teaching style. Sometimes, a teacher’s job extends far past the physical boundaries of a classroom. The behavior of students can be affected by external factors such as problems at home, or issues with other students. During these times, a teacher must take on a psychologist's role and try to deal with the student’s personal problems. This is important as most of the time, the issues that are bothering a student can affect their classwork. In certain situations, it may even affect the overall morale of the class. Depending on the school in which a teacher works, there may or may not be counselors. When students are seeking advice, they do not tend to approach someone based on their position or role within the school; rather, they will go to the person they trust. As a teacher who spends hours with them over the course of a school year, a student is likely to come to seek advice. During these moments, it is important that a teacher is able to become a counselor and provide as much help and advice as possible. In the event a teacher works in a class with younger students, the class can become rowdy. Younger people naturally have more energy and tend to get excited and louder very easily. As a teacher, it is important to be able to put on a policeman hat do some crowd control. This may take form as reinforcing that certain behavior is not tolerated or simply asking students to quiet down. Overall, a teacher has many roles within the classroom. While it may seem intimidating at first, these roles will come naturally at some point. It is helpful to seek advice from experienced teachers and to solicit advice on how to manage a classroom. Depending on the school, there may be fewer requirements for a teacher to wear some of these hats. While a teaching job may be difficult, it is a very rewarding experience!