Teach English in HAriwusu Zhongchuchang - Tongliao Shi

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Classroom management is a term teachers use to describe their procedure of ensuring classroom activities runs smoothly without any destructions by the students attitude.Classroom managements is very important to teachers which improves a better atmosphere for both teaching and learning. It is very important for a class teacher to know how to control his class. Also, a teacher is suppose to be very eloquent and know how to engage the students in class activities. Teachers who punish students on daily basis put fear in children and makes them tensed when learning. Also making funny remarks about a students answer or contribution is extremely bad and makes student loose confidence in class. Whiles teaching, its very important to make an eye contact with students so you can easily tell when a student understands what you’re teaching them. It is also very important to engage students by asking them questions to know if they really understands the lesson. It is very important to offer praise to students to encourage them do more in the class. Also it is very important to put students in groups when there is a project in the class. Always try to reward the groups based on their performance and motivate them to do more in their next project. The teacher is also suppose to know their students by interviewing them to know their strength and weakness. This will help the teacher to know how to tackle difficult topics to make it simpler for every student to understand in the class. A class teacher should also encourage the peer teaching. We do believe students learn easily from each other more than teachers. Because, during our time in school, we normally go to our peers to explain complex topics to us whenever we having difficulties and we are able to understand it better when they explain to us. The use of course materials like the flash cards also helps in teaching. Most student learn based on what they see than what they hear or read. Because a student can easily narrate a whole series without making mistakes but will find difficulties narrating something they heard or read. Teachers are suppose to keep phones and other destructive objects away when teaching. Setting up classroom rules is very important and it keeps students on track and ensure discipline in the class. Teachers are to encourage students to do more researches about complex topics so they can bring feedbacks for discussions. This really helps both students and teachers to learn from each other and also explore more ideas. Students can easily remember lessons they contributed in class. Also holding an occasional party to reward the best students and hardworking students in the class helps motivates the others to do more. It’s very important for a teacher to have a good presentation techniques to teach the student and make them understand topics easily. There should be a teacher student relationship where students can feel at ease to ask questions or seek for more explanation from the teacher after the lesson. The teacher should also live an exemplary life for the students to follow. A teacher shouldn’t break the class rules but rather set good example for students to follow.