Teach English in Jianhua Zhen - Tongliao Shi

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To be a teacher means that you need put your all heart into you work. Of course, it means love and responsibility. So the teacher plays a significant role in students’ real life and their learning. Teacher’s job is not only teaching the knowledge to students, but also guiding and training students to be a good person. In the essay, I will talk about some specific roles and responsibilities of teachers. Providing the basic knowledge for students is undisputed one of the important responsibilities of teacher. Firstly, teachers should prepare teaching materials and make sure the goals of teaching. Before the lesson, I always make a lesson plan, and one of the important parts is course objective. It looks like a guidance for me that I can totally understand what I should teach my students and how I can get the goal. Secondly, teachers should spend more time on improving and updating teaching skills to attract students’ interest in learning so that students can grasp the scientific knowledge quickly. Every week, I participate in teachers’ training to improve my teaching skills. It is useful for me to build the high efficiency class. In addition, it feels nice to find most of students like my class very much. At the same time, teachers help students develop their intelligence and ability. Thirdly, teachers should teach in many different ways including group activities, personal presentation and so on. The traditional class is teacher talks and students listen. Students don’t have much chance to express. Basically, I always prepare the role play for students after we finish the lesson. For example, I prepared the prop for students before class and told them that we have a performance when we finish today’s content; however, during the class, I reminded my students that we needed pay more attention on class. Then, It can attract the students’ interest and arouse the enthusiasm of this lesson. Because of the role-play, all students listen carefully and want to perform. During the activity, students enjoy the lesson very much. In a word, the first step to become a good teacher is to offer a high-quality class for every student. Another teacher’s duty that cannot be ignored is model education. Students spend lots of time with their teacher, teachers should be role models for student. For one thing, teachers always hope every student study hard, but first, teachers should do the demo for students like diligence in studying and constantly learning new knowledge. For example, I usually ask students something that they know but I don’t know. I often share with my students what books I have read recently and the interesting things in the book. In a long time, my students are gradually influenced hugely from me. They actively read books that they found interesting and also share with the classmate. They are also used to asking me various questions. I am so proud that they have more passionate about learning because of me. For another thing, serious and rigorous learning attitude should be an important thing for students to learn. I write the correct symbols and words neatly when I do the blackboard writing or correct students’ homework all the time. I think that some good study habits will subtly influence students. What’s more, students may also regard teachers as role models in life, including dressing and talking. As a teacher, I never wear strange clothes and do heavy makeup; otherwise it will have negative effect on students. In parts of speech and manners, I speak elegantly and earnestly. I will say what I can do. I want to be a role model that offer a civilized, generous behavior to students. In short, during the whole education activity, the role models of teacher cannot be replaced by any other educational factors. Every teacher should set a good example first for students. Teachers are given the responsibility of observer and monitor during the whole class. For example, teachers should know what is going on in the classroom, teachers need to check whether students finish their tasks on time, teachers should ensure that every students’ personal safety while in the school. It is true that over-monitoring will result in losing the freedom and create a stressful learning environment for students. For my students, they don’t like teacher stare at them every day, not allowing them to do anything except learning. So, I think I need to adjust the way how I monitor my students. For instance, in my sight, let students do what they want to do and if they do something wrong, I can correct them later. I choose to stand behind students when they discuss in a group or they take exams. When monitoring students, out of their vision can give students a relaxed thinking environment and allow them to focus on the tasks that they need to accomplish. Careful monitoring can create the good order to build up effective teaching and learning. In conclusion, there are many varieties of roles and responsibilities teachers should take in the classroom, like teaching knowledge, being a model, monitoring, organizing, promoting and so on. No matter what roles teachers play, teachers will be the most important people in students’ life. They help students learn knowledge; moreover, they can help students develop good habits. As a teacher, we should perform all these duties.