Teach English in Jinbaotun Linchang - Tongliao Shi

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Every nationality has it rules and regulation governing it nation.That is why anybody locating to a new nation is always faced with challenges before adapting.Students are more affected when they move to different nationalities to study. When students arrived in a new country they are faced with many challenges. Some of these challenges are; Communication problems,cultural background and social and economic differences. Communication is one of most important problems faced by students of different nationalities.Most students do not perform well because of language barrier.The mostly rely on translations and interpretation that usually does not carry the same strength as was written in it original language.If faced with such condition, the student must learn mainly English language to facilitate communication. Another problem faced by students is social and economic problems.The economic policies of a country may not favor students of different nationalities taking into consideration that the laws are to boost the trade and increase the country's economy. Cultural background is also challenging for students of different nationalities. In an international class, we find students with diverse cultural background and different beliefs. While some students will find a phrase like "How are you?"as greetings others will see it as a question that can be answered. Also, the British and American students will easy used polite words such as "Excuse me" "please" much often but students from different cultural background would not see it that. With the different cultural background, students have to be aware of this differences and be prepared to for a successful communication. Students face a lot of challenges in his new environment at the level of the different kind of dishes they find.To be able to overcome such, the students need to learn how to prepare and eat the main dishes found in that country. Furthermore, pronunciation is another challenge faced by students.Students from China have difficulties with the sound /V/ as they often pronounced as /w/.Again students from Russia have difficulties with the sound/r/ because of the way it is being pronounced. For students to quickly adapt to the pronunciation, they have to pay keen attention on the host county's pronunciation. Tradition is another challenge faced by students of different nationalities.Traditional is part and parcel of people's lives and it very difficult to separate them. Students will be forced to adopt a certain tradition pertaining to a particular country that might sometimes posed a problem. Taxation laws and banking system is another aspect that posed problems to student. Parents of students studying in other countries need to always make bank transactions as they have to people their students tuition fee, send money for their daily life activities but will have difficulties in doing that because of the high or low interest rate. Some country's banking system is so complicated. From the above, for students to quickly adapt to the lifestyle of a particular country, he or she needs to be versed with the cultural background of that country, learn the first language spoken in that country if it is not English and make sure not to go against the rules and regulations governing that country.