Teach English in Jurihe Zhen - Tongliao Shi

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Speaking English language with confidence is one of the biggest problems of students in Turkey. Reluctance in speaking English in Turkey is often hindrance in expressing themselves creatively and imaginatively. Interference in communication with the teacher and each other are part of it too. It is not only to produce sentences but also to express ideas, opinions and discussions among the students to improve interaction. Meaning it will increase the students’ participation in the classroom activities to be able to help them in situations they are needed to speak English outside the classroom like when traveling or in work. The reasons why students are reluctant in speaking English are: • They are afraid to make mistakes. • It feels unnatural to communicate in foreign language. • They don’t have enough English knowledge to express themselves to what the teacher would ask for. • They would immediately shift to their mother tongue when communicating with each other. • It is exhausting to concentrate for them to talk in English because they think they do not know enough. • They find speaking in English boring especially in classroom set up. • Speaking English is difficult and not fun. • They do not get the point in speaking English all the time. Language as means of communication is a key role of social relationship among human beings. English as an international language is a bridge to communicate worldwide. To improve the speaking skills of the students, interactive means are the fun way to make it interesting and effective. Discussion encourages the students to speak English in the classroom all the time without correcting their mistakes will let them gain confidence. Teacher should speak English all the time even though the students would ask or talk to him/her in their mother language. Allow the students to discuss topic outside the classroom that they feel comfortable discussing. Making groups and discuss a topic to their interest. Allow students to make time to tell funny things events and situations in English will help them feel at ease while maintaining the rule speaking English as much as possible. Elicit hard vocabulary beforehand to help overcome interference that can lead to better understanding and usage of the word to the sentence. Making a poster to be deliberated in the classroom can expand the ability of the students to remember hard words and make it a focal point of discussion. Teachers and students can talk about the meaning and explanation to increase participation. Communicative language teaching is based on real-life situations, authentic activities and meaningful task to promote speaking English. Role-play is also one of the activities that can improve the speaking skills of the students. The students can decide the social context of the role-play or the teacher can assign specific role to the students to play. Teachers can give a study stage to let the student to prepare and discuss the roles, lines while checking the grammars and vocabulary to make the role-playing effective in improving the English speaking skill. Activate the role-playing by making a show to the classroom. This will improve their confidence and communication among other students. Classroom games can be a fun activity to get the student involved in speaking English like word bingo or picture bingo. The teacher can pick a topic to discuss and make a bingo card with pictures related to it. Making word or picture cut outs and drop it in a box to be drawn by a student or the teacher will assign a student to do so. Whoever has the drawn picture will make a sentence out of it until the bingo cards will be filled. The winner will be the next drawer of the cards from the box. This activity will encourage the student to speak English while having fun. In Turkey, it needs improvement to decrease reluctance among students speaking English language. The ability to communicate in English effectively contributes to the success of students in school and later of their life. Therefore, the teacher should pay attention in teaching oral skill rather than memorizing. In building fluency, the teacher should consider pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar. Building up confidence reinforces speaking English and eliminate the students’ fear in making mistakes and make them comfortable in usage of the language.