Teach English in KAilu Zhen - Tongliao Shi

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Learning languages has been important for centuries. Just think about the times when Latin & Greek influences were both present in Rome, making it bilingual. Imagine the traders or those undertaking administrative tasks, they could not have communicated with one another if they didn’t have the appropriate knowledge. Although it is fairly unclear how they have managed to learn back in the days due to limited resources from that period and it is a fact that language teaching is a rather modern concept. Nowadays we have the luxury of endless options, languages are being taught in kindergartens, elementary, high schools, and universities. I have been learning German in elementary school and added English in high school - all being part of our general education system in Hungary. Like many others, I have decided to take a gap year and figure out which direction to take. Without going into economics too much, it is well-known that Hungary has seen better days. Unfortunately, chances are high that after finishing university, people are ending up with an entry-level job for a couple of years, earning the same salary as those without any sort of degree. Many of us choose to venture to another country, where we have a more prosperous future ahead of us and more room for the ambitious individuals. I have moved to England thinking my English was totally up to par, ready to tackle all those amazing opportunities. Now, believe me, if I tell you, having conversations in real life are different from those in the classroom. Nevertheless, my previous education has definitely helped me to get a job where I was able to improve my skills, not only lingual but others too. Within a few months, I started my studies in fashion design & pattern cutting in London. It was quite unbelievable really, being a resident of such a cosmopolitan city, where I was constantly pushed to extend my limits and made friends with people from all over the world. I kept learning English in my free time, whether it was watching a movie, reading books, magazines or going to private teachers. Even if you are just watching TV in your desired language that will help immensely. Might sound like a cliche but hard work does pay off, over the years I kept stepping up on that so-called ladder and before I knew it I was offered to join a project in New York. And just like that, I moved across the pond. I wouldn’t have been able to roam the streets of Manhattan, have an apartment in a brownstone building next to Central Park and gain even more experience in a city I only ever dared to dream of visiting, if I didn’t speak English. As they say, if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. Needless to say, my mindset has shifted during the years. Coming from a small, conservative country I wasn’t exactly open-minded and today, I believe that anything is possible you put your mind to. Besides success in career, I was able to fulfill my passion which is traveling and getting to know the cultures of many countries and continents. English will open so many doors in your life, it allows you to reach your goals and see the world from a different perspective.