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Approximately there are 1.5 billion English speakers in the world including native and foreign speakers (Lyons, 2017). It may seem a lot but it’s just 20% of the world’s population. Although English is not the most spoken language in the world, it has over the years made its mark and is recognized as the world’s official language of communication as it’s one of the most commonly studied foreign language in the world (Lyons, 2017). Nowadays, several factors have bridged countries together, for instance, technology and globalization. In essence, these countries were forced to find a primary language to communicate with since there were multiple languages involved. Another reason was countries wanted to gain access to English speaking countries such as America due to its high resources; thus the use of English. Therefore, non-English countries all over the world are encouraging individuals to study English for individual and/or professional enhancement. Based on readings, both Renner (2017) and Zazulak (2016) had shared three common areas that are linked together in how English can influence student’s future career. Below are the three common reasons: Job Opportunities – due to globalization companies are able to form multiple businesses, thus job creations, some of which are constructed based on the demand of the world. Examples of these are interpreter, translator but the most common is English teacher. This brings forth new job opportunities for individuals especially those who as versed in their native language and English. Therefore, being bilingual or multilingual is advantageous for the individual as oppose to other job seekers. Companies see this advantageous as this individual will not only be able to represent the company locally but on a wider scale. Promotion - being able to speak English within a non-English company boosts one’s status in the organization, especially if the company is multinational. It’s seen as having an edge over other employees. For one, the individual will be able to connect with colleagues within the organization or from other countries. The individual could also be on the negotiation team since he or she will be familiar with both languages, thus better understanding. The individual may be given the opportunity to become the head of a department or region in the organization. In addition to the new position, the individual will also be given a salary increase as employers are willing to pay extra to keep such individual as he/she has become vital to the company’s growth. Traveling - the benefit of being able to speak English is the chance to work in any country apart from one’s own. Learning English is seen as a complexed challenge and dedication which companies seek as a comfort when selecting persons to migrate to a specific country. Individual can learn more about a country and its culture through the usage of English. Therefore, given the opportunity to widen one’s horizon by being exposed through work, personal life and networking. Another benefit is being able to further one’s education by accessing various programs that are only offered in English speaking countries. References Lyons, D. (2017) How many people speak English, and where is it spoken. Retrieved from https://www.babbel.com/en/magazine/how-many-people-speak-english-and-where-is-it-spoken Renner, K. (2017) 7 Ways That Learning English Can Boost Your Career Prospects. Retrieved from https://www.englishnewzealand.co.nz/news/7-ways-that-learning-english-boost-your-career-prospects/ Zazulak, S. (2016) 6 Surprising Ways English Helps Your Career. Retrieved from https://www.english.com/blog/english-helps-career/