Teach English in Liaohe Nongchang - Tongliao Shi

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The first time I heard about TEFL course was when I graduated from my college about 12 years ago. For majoring in English Education, at that time I’ve obtained a teaching certificate upon graduation, thus qualifying me as an English teacher. I would like to work aboard and it seemed that it was easier to get a job as an English teacher in a country like Korea, Thailand or other Asia countries after completing a TEFL course. So I got down to gather information about TEFL course. A TEFL is a way of proving me speak English well, and will be able to do my job. But after graduation, I found a job in an international travel agency as a group operator. So the plan was put off. Earlier this year I decided to work as an English teacher in a children’s institution in Karamay located in the northwest of China. I was asked to complete a TEFL course as soon as possible, although I’ve got a teaching certificate in China. The head of the children’s institution explained that not only a foreign teacher was asked to complete a FEFL course but nowadays all the teacher were asked to complete a TEFL course. She herself who graduated from the university of Manchester with an MBA had already completed a online TEFL course first in China and a TESOL course later in Australia. In order to get a teaching job legally in China, a foreign teacher need to be a native speaker with a four-year diploma and a TEFL certificate. Even if they're not native English speakers, it was more easy to get a legal visa and find a job afterwards. One of my biggest fears being an English teacher was that I didn’t have enough experience to be a teacher. I had never really taught a class for more than 2 months before, except the course of internship and I had no idea how to manage a classroom to fit the new situation and new requirements. Sure, I know how to speak English, but how do I actually teach English in a smaller class? How do I make a lesson plan with English? What do I teach them? How do I manage 6-15 students in one class instead of 55 students in one class as used to be? Meanwhile the reform trend of English education in China is getting stronger and stronger. First-tier education cities (Nanjing, Suzhou and Hangzhou are also first-tier) have their education execution driven by economy, and local education departments have high awareness, relatively sufficient staffing and wide resources.For example, Jiangsu province introduced TESOL trainers many years ago to conduct in-depth training for current in-service teachers. Many local education authorities are admiring it. In the future, English teaching will also be constructed from multiple dimensions of competence and pursue teaching objectives that are meaningful, interesting, process oriented, thinking oriented and expressive. Among them, thinking is the core. Students develop their language sense and thinking ability through immersive English learning. Secondly, in listening and speaking class, students should fully be considered by their ability to interact effectively with external information. In the next step, the development of college entrance examination about English should be from learning language to learning effective expression of language, adhere to the people-oriented development, and cultivate the human connotation, scientific and rational thinking ability. I believe that TEFL meets the expectations of the reform of English education in China. Therefore, both from the external environment and my own needs, I should complete a TEFL course.