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What is our daily routine? Each morning I wake up at 8 AM to prepare breakfast for my household (husband, and daughter). I will make sure that my daughter Melody, a 4 yr-old active child, never forgets our morning drill - to always greet me and her Daddy a Good Morning once gets up and does her stretching. Being fit is one of our priorities at home. While preparing for breakfast, to get her pre-occupied without getting bored, I would bring my daughter on our table and get her puzzles. While breakfast is served, she will still be doing her puzzle and nourish herself at the same time. We rely on schedule so, by 9 AM, I lend a helping hand to her so she can do her personal hygiene like brushing her teeth, wash her face and change her clothes. Once she is ready, I will walk her to her kindergarten at 9:30 am. I intend to make every minute valuable and educational by asking her things while on our way to her school like what are the things we see, state the colors she finds outside and she will name them. This is both entertaining and minds nurturing, don’t you think so? 5 PM she ends her classes and will ask her the same things while walking making sure she remembers what we have discussed this morning. When we reached home, to have a balanced life, I will give her snacks and watch TV for 1 hour, after all, she has been in kindergarten class the whole day. I see in her eyes that she is happy watching TV and enjoys being a child. Next would be bath time. I will bring her with me and usually we will play with her toys in the bathtub for an hour. After which we usually have our dinner at 7 pm together with my husband. I and my husband trained our daughter that she needs to eat by herself, we love her but independence must be a part of her growing up years too. As part of Korean culture, she must invite us to eat first before she does, a Korean culture basic manner that we would like to imbibe in her. At her young age, my daughter will usually take initiative to help me bring our dishes to sink after dinner. She always wanted to help me with anything I do in her own little way. Especially with house chores. 8 pm is the time where the 3 of us will play together and we will check on what she had learned today (checked through teacher’s daily note) and whatever needs to be done, we review it together. At 9:30 in the evening is the time we set for our daughter to go to bed. We also teach her to always brush her teeth before going to bed as part of her bedtime routine. My husband is assigned to always read a storybook before our daughter goes to sleep. An assignment he does with joy and happiness. And last but not least a must words and phrase that we taught her to say every time she goes to sleep “Good night Mommy and Daddy I love you”. This signals the end of our day and will look forward to the next morning. How we educate our 4 years old daughter? We make sure that she will do stretching and brush her teeth, eat by herself and go to the toilet by herself. We also control her on how long she can watch TV. As she practices this, we believe it will help her to have a 'good habit' and a sense of independence which she will need when she grows up. Living in South Korea, cultural manners are highly important. Since my daughter is a multicultural child, educating our daughter Korean 'Culture Basic manners' is very important. That is why before she starts eating her meal, leaving the house, going back, meeting elderlies, saying please, and thank you are some of the important things that are necessary to be a part of her daily communication with everyone. Academics and socialization she learns from school. But good manners along with love and respect must start within the family. How important our role to our daughter? At night I and my husband will sit with her and review together on what she had learned today in kindergarten. We want to be there for her and be supportive in all her endeavors. My husband and I had a declaration that we will never quarrel, and utter bad words and always say 'I love you' towards each other. We wanted to set a good role model for our child. Since our daughter is only 4 years old and is in her early childhood, we do not want to be too strict on her and we also want her to have a balanced life. Most importantly, we want to make sure that she grows up to be an individual with good manners, good personality, loving, happy and healthy child.