Teach English in Molimiao Sumu - Tongliao Shi

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I chose this topic because i feel teaching beginners can be a very challenging task especially when the the beginners happen to be toddlers and i feel one of the reason why this is so ,is because a lot of schools do not have a clear idea on what should be taught to the children at this stage and so they usually rely on the teacher to come up with his/her own teaching syllabus and this can pose to be quite a challenge for the teacher because he/she might find it hard to determine what is right to teach the students at their ability level that they will be able to easily grasp and understand. In my own opinion,i think the best way to go about teaching zero level beginners between the age of 3 to 6 years of age is to start from the ground level by first teaching them the various alphabets and sounds of the alphabets because i feel once that is fully grasped by the students, then it sets a solid foundation for teaching them how to read on their own and once that goal have been achieved at the long run then it becomes much easier and faster for the students to learn the language and self improve on their own. I think another challenge faced with zero English level beginners is the first lesson class because most of them can't even comprehend and understand simple questions and instructions given by the teacher and so this makes it difficult for the teacher to be able establish good rapport with them,which mean the teacher has to do a lot of eliciting and gesture movement before they can gradually start understanding some of the teacher's instructions and questions,and so with this you will find out that most of the first few lessons are still generally pivoted at the teacher creating rapport with the students.Although i must also admit that the process of teaching zero English level beginners can be quite rewarding since it is easy for the teacher to tell if they are making progress or not. Another challenge faced while teaching young beginners is the ability of the teacher to keep them interested in the lesson since most young learners have a short attention span and so if the teacher is not able to make the lesson interesting while teaching them, you,ll find out that majority of the students will lose interest in the lesson and when this happens,it is most likely most of them will not be able to retain anything that was taught during the lesson. There also comes the challenge on how best to enforce discipline when teaching young English beginners,because i have noticed many schools do not have effective ways of disciplining their students excerpt to have the student in concern reported to his/her parent,but if the parent of the child doesn't do a good job of correcting that child on their own, then you,ll find out there is actually no effective way of being able to discipline such a student and so i think one of the best way of avoiding such a scenario,is for the teacher to be friendly to all his/her students so they will always want to be at their best behavior around the teacher since they wouldn't want the teacher to stop being friendly to them because of their naughty behavior.