Teach English in Shengli Nongchang - Tongliao Shi

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Being an English teacher, teaching skills are very important. The quality of learning result depends on many factors, but the teacher's methods are the essential elements for learners' learning progress, motivation, enthusiasm, etc… to help them have a lot of knowledge as well as can improve the communicative skills and achieve the best result in studying English. I will concentrate on "How to teach vocabulary effectively". Vocabulary is one of the most important factors for learners who study foreign languages. If you have good pronunciation, use good grammar, you will still have difficulty in communicating in English. Why? Because we don’t have plentiful vocabulary resources with hundreds of thousands of word in the English language, teaching vocabulary can seem like a very daunting prospect. Remember though that the average native speaker uses around only five thousand words in everyday speech. It can’t be denied that the learning outcomes mainly depend on the effort of each learner, but the mission of each teacher is no less important. There are many methods that the teacher can apply to teach a new language, but “straight arrow” is method suitable for low students. Engage is the first step when the teacher will give in advance some pictures, information, drawings, videos, short reading texts, headlines, real objects, etc. which relevant to new words they are about to learn. There are many interesting activities for the teachers to warm the class's atmosphere up in this first step. The teachers should get the students thinking and speaking in English as much as possible. The study is the next step which students have opportunities to interact by new vocabularies that they were given a background in engage phase. The teachers need to elicit some information from the students first, which would form the basis of the board work. Word families can be offered if they are necessary for the lesson. Using PowerPoint to present new words on the screen, or choose a popular song with plain words which can also help the lesson more attractive and effectively. Besides, the teachers have to check students' pronunciation, spelling, meaning of the words clearly with some of the activities or drilling some exercises. Last but not least, The activation is the last step of "straight narrow" technique". The students have a chance to apply what they learnt in the reality by using new vocabularies to describe about their real life. The teacher should encourage the students to use their English as freely and communicatively as possible. New vocabularies can be practiced through a dialogue that is related to the lesson's topic. In addition, writing a paragraph using all new words is also an effective way to remember what they learnt. In conclusion, each teacher can apply their teaching methods. There are no permanent techniques which forces them to follow. The most important element is that the teachers have to flexibly make use of what they learnt from their study to help the learners have the best result and effective as possible.