Teach English in Wulanaodaoyuchang - Tongliao Shi

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In a world that continues to become smaller and smaller the importance of connecting to various types of people is at an all time high. English is the most widely spoken language in the world and with the digital age that is the world today, the need to know English is constantly there. A student who has taken the time to learn English will have many doors open for them. There is the possibility to continue their education in an English speaking country without worrying about fitting in because they will already know the language. Job opportunities will greatly increase also. Knowing the English language will allow an employee to cater to a larger pool of customers outside just those that speak their native language. Companies that are multinational will be more willing to hire someone who knows English because they are more versatile and can communicate with more people in the workplace. Speakers of English, but more specifically those who have taken the time to learn another language different from their own think differently also. “Out of the box” thinkers and intelligence are two important traits when hiring. English can be important for a student’s career but it is also essential to know from a social and entertainment standpoint. English is the language used on social media and the Internet. Being fluent in English can encourage students to make their mark on the world in other ways than just working for an employer. There are many ways to be successful in this modern age and understanding English as well as its slang can give ESL students an edge. One of the many things students lack after school is experience. Learning another language like English offers students a new perspective. It creates a new way to communicate with different people. It gives someone a deeper understanding of a culture different from their own. Knowing English as a second language encourages better listening skills. People will listen to understand not just hear what is being said. English can provide many opportunities in the form of jobs and higher education. It also provides valuable skills that go way beyond the classroom and the workforce. Things like compassion and empathy all come from learning English. It is one of the hardest languages to learn for a reason and one can appreciate the difficulty in mastering it. Students who take the time to learn English, for whatever reason they may have, are not only doing good for themselves but for society around them. In an age where being understood comes second to being seen, understanding English is an essential skill that will set students up in their professional careers and their personal lives. All anyone ever wants is to be successful and the pros far outweigh the cons of learning English. In the end, the number of people who speak English will continue to grow and the world will become even more interconnected. It is doing yourself a disservice by not trying to be connected with the rest of the world.