Teach English in Xin Zhen - Tongliao Shi

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English is currently the most widely spoken language in the world, much of this evolution is due to the globalization process. It is very important to consider communication fluent in English for various contexts of our life, to be for business, travel and, especially in the educational area for students. The English language generates many opportunities around the world and the student must be prepared to enjoy of them. There must be an early awareness on the part of parents, for that the language considered universal to be included as soon as possible a in the education of their children. It can be started at home with vocabulary, stories, music, among other activities. In addition to traditional language courses, cultural exchanges with the English language add a lot of knowledge to the students' learning process. As how technology, it is also an important ally for studies and allows us to access information from various parts of the world that have English as their official language. For the student who wishes to apply to an institution in another country, the assessment tests to enter the university and the classes are taught in English, a common determinant among students of the course. The same way study materials, articles, videos, academic journals and assessments are officially in English. Just as research and advances in technology and medicine, for example, depend on English as a means of communication, testing and marketing for new products. In parallel with international educational integration, the possibilities and opportunities for professional careers in several areas have also expanded, requiring proficiency in English as part of the curriculum. The corporate world is more and more competitive and with international business companies settling in sundry countries, employers need professionals in their respective area to make communication worldwide possible. We have several influences to learn English in the most diverse areas of the job market. For example, the main communication and entertainment vehicles in the world were created in countries whose main language is English. In addition, some of the greatest classics in world literature were also written in this very important language. The technological universe also has a large part of its content available in the English language, as the software and the word internet are just examples of the extensive technological vocabulary that is transmitted to several other languages in the world. Generally, International companies provide excellent salaries, professional growth and great opportunity to make contacts with people from other countries. Learning a new language generates personal growth, improving concentration skills, memory, and our ability to learn new things. This significantly increases students' career prospects, opening up a range of possibilities. There is no doubt that the English language is not always easily absorbed by people, but certainly the rewards that knowledge of English language brings, professionally and personally for the student's future, will make the difficulties worthwhile due to the good opportunities that will arise. That is why this early and consistent preparation in global language is very important, so that young people have greater chances of great corporate achievements around the world.