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Before we talk about the importance of the grammar, first we should know "What grammar is"? Grammar is a system of organising a language in compleate sentence. It recognised how words and phrases fit together to make sense and create meaning. When I was jounger, the most difficult part of learning English for me and my classmates, was grammar. Now, I realised the importance of teaching techniques which inlcudes grammar. English grammar becomes hard to understand because there are some aspects of it that are not explained to students. Why grammar is so important? Grammar helps us to create correct sentences by building a stronger communication, also be able to talk about type of words and group of words that make up sentences. Grammar helps you te represent the world and interact with other people throght language and it must make sense. And which is the most important, it allows you to express yourself. Correct grammar is our key to speaking English fluently and confidently. Knowing about grammar, also helps us understand what makes sentences and pharagraphs clear and interesting. There is also a strong relationship between grammar, writing instructions and student achievement. Effective grammar instruction across grade levels and content areas is key to increasing students achievement and learning. Having knowledge of English grammar, helps us knowing more about English language and dialects. It is important to know grammar in case we want to create a phoetry, a book, different tasks, interviews... (For example: if you are going to a job interview such as an English teacher like I did, the employer will be interested in the quality of your spoken and writen English which is related to grammar). All languages changed over time by the influence of other languages. There are some methods used of teaching grammar such as diagramming sentences, learning through writing/reading, inductive teaching, deductive teaching and interactive teaching. Poeple sometimes describes grammar as "the rules of the language" but in fact (as i noticed by speaking also Italian, Albanian and a little bit Spanish), no language has rules. It is hard to gauge how grammar should be tought, since there are so many confounding variables that can affect linguistics studies. General speaking, students are tought the grammar basics in primary education. They learn how to use punctuation, how to think critically ect... One of my favourite technique is teaching grammar through texts, stories and songs. Everyones love stories. Stories can be both used for eliciting and illustrating grammar points. Songs are one of the most enchanting and culturally rich resourses that can easily be used in the language classrooms. Also poems like songs contextualize a grammar lesson effectively which students can practice a specific grammatical structure. Poems are not constructed in a simple way and high level, which might be very difficult for a student to comprehend it. Students can choose their own texts or stories that they would like to use. This will make the lesson more interesting for them. I use authentic texts because it can show how the item is used in real communication. In my opinion grammar is the most difficult and important part of a general language.