Teach English in YihetalA Zhen - Tongliao Shi

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One way to create an enjoyable and successful atmosphere in the classroom is to build rapport between the teacher and students. Cambridge Dictionary's definition of word rapport is 'agreement or sympathy between people or groups'. Why establishing rapport is essential? Motivation is higher, it increases comfort and quality in the classroom. Rapport also leads to satisfaction of the course, and the teacher gains trust. Time and again, students can hesitate to take part in the lesson for a variety of reasons. It is more likely that students will contribute when they get along with the teacher. What can help teachers to establish a healthy student-teacher relationship? Many different strategies can help to first establish, then maintain a rapport in the classroom. Start small. Start with a smile. Be enthusiastic and enjoy teaching work. Talk to students about things that they are interested in. Use eye contact. Praise and commend as often as possible. Teachers need to understand that earning trust and respect is a process, and it takes time. At the beginning of that journey what can help is to get to know each other. One simple step is to learn the names of the students and some basic information about their experience and motivation. An ice-breaking activity can engage students to participate and will help them relax. Enthusiasm breeds enthusiasm, being enthusiastic will encourage students to participate. Seeing the teacher, who enjoys his work, makes students more interested in lessons. When the lesson is interesting for the students, it is more likely that they will enjoy the class. Teachers can choose topics and materials, that will involve students talking to each other and sharing personal opinions. Another thing is the managing class. The way the teacher organize the position of the students and himself is of great importance. Students are often sensitive to the position of the teacher. That is why reducing the amount of time that teachers spend with their back to the class is essential. They can do that by preparing board work before the class starts. Another way teachers can build rapport with students is by creating an exciting environment that will make students want to come to class next time. Using pair-work and group-work allows students to build rapport with each other. It can increase students talking time and encourage them to corporate. Teachers can use their authority to move the students for benefit of an activity. The mixing of pairs or groups is an effective way to get students to work with different people and personalities. There are several reasons and ways of establishing rapport in the classroom. Same as with any different relationship, engagement, involvement, and commitment are necessary. When a positive atmosphere is an inseparable part of each lesson, students learn better. To get from students a maximum of their possibilities teachers must make them feel safe and important. The way teachers give instructions, communicate, and make corrections influences students' attitudes. It is vital to remember that a positive classroom environment does not just appear, teachers create it.